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Reviews for "Final Fantasy 8 Spoof"


hehe that was pretty awesome but the limit did kinda suck sorry but its true. anyway it was cool. Nice one Setting the box on fire!! HEHEHEHE!


Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggght...well its not bad but that "Limit Break"
REALY suckedbut all an all good work!

Guy behind me is an ass

ya I give you props for lighting a box and putting it on a friend......But some of it was a little ..LONG......but still you did good. And the guy below me is an ass. Who can't appreciate a person lighting a box on fire and putting on anothers head...AH good times...a ten out of ten and a five of goodness


1 question WHY?

XD lol t3h roxx0rz

ZOMGWTFPWND XD you should do another one... bravo for the zell costume =D