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Reviews for "Final Fantasy 8 Spoof"

most amusing!

I admit when I decided to watch it I had low expectations but that was pretty good. I was actually disappointed that it ended so soon!

I loved it!!!!

Good movie!!!!

Making a live action flash as a spoof a Final Fantasy game is going to be good. And this didn't disappoint.

Awesome. More to come??

Oh, by the way: In your comments on the page of flash, in the last line of your paragraph, you don't need an apostrophe in its.

lmao awsome

Zell was my favorite character from FF8, and since FF8 was my favorite game I give you a 10. I gotta say also, who ever did Zell did a good job with all the movements and the outfit and stuff, seemed alot like the game, so thumbs up to you! hope to see more funny FF spoof work from you guys


please for the love of god tell me what program u used to make this!!!!!1 i need to know dude!!!


That was Awesome, I mean dude you actually did that yourself and your friend. I would be too embarrassed to actually be somewhere performing that. The only bad part was that there was only one party member. =] And was that fire, fira, or firaga that you used on the box monster, seriously. =/