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Dynamo Joe

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Author Comments

This is my first real flash movie. All that I've done before that is lots of little tests. A sequel will hopefully be on its way soon, but not for a while now. There is however a preview for the second movie and a wallpaper.

Dynamo Joe was originally the first picture that I drew in flash. Back then he was known only as Dude Fighter. An animation of Dude Fighter was my first test, and the 1st scene where Dynamo Joe shoots the red bad guys was my first scene.

If you can help it, I would really only like constructive writings in your reviews. Thank-you.

Basically, the movie's story really only has a touch of what the real scope of the story actually is about. Most of it will be revealed in later movies. If you enjoyed this movie you can download a wallpaper from within the movie as well as some of the music that is featured.

A website will be hopefully up and running within a week, showing updates and downloads for my future flash movies.

You can read a bit more about this movie in the "about" section in the main menu. But for now sit back and I hope you enjoy Dynamo Joe...

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I dont know, I just somehow liked this Flash. I know you dont response back. But anyway, the sound was perfect. Why dont you realase Dynamo Joe 2? As I said you dont gonna response back, so I dont gonna get the answer. But, Dynamo Joe 2 might be nice if you do that. TRY to keep it up!

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Wow! A review! Sorry I haven't replied yet, I didn't expect anyone to review in such a long time, so thank you so much. You're right, I did stop making the second for a while, but just in the last month it's back in action, and about 4 of the aprox. 8 minutes are done. It's looking better than ever, and my flash skills have improved in leaps and bounds since DJ1. So thank-you for you're awesome review, I won't forget it.

not too shabby

not too shabby at all dude! pretty good stuff. i liked the story line - it was relatively simple, and it allowed lots of violence!
the graphics were ok, but now that you have the basics in the bagm you need to work on developing more detail on each character and their facial expressions.
the audio was great, and really helped this movie along. there was plenty of good music, the sound effects were all very crisp and excellent, and the voice acting was alright, too.
i think that this turned out pretty well, and im looking forward to number 2.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Thanks for the large review. It gives me a few things to think about. I did spend some time on the audio and I hoped you liked it. And if your looking forward to the sequel, well the sequel will be here soon, and the graphics will be much better.
Thanks once again for your very large review.

Not to bad dynamo

I enjoyed waching your flash. The only real complaint I have is it reminds me to much of the matrix. I don't know if it was your intention, but i've noticed that alot of people seem to incorperate this theme into there flashes. Take it easy, and keep improveing.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

LOL. Well actually no that wasn't my intention to make it like of The Matrix. However The Matrix is my favourite series, so if you think this is like the Matrix i suppose I'll have to take it as a compliment.
Thanks for the review g spot.

((( NOTBAD )))

Well notbad, and your first, one thing i always tell new artists to newgrounds is bring down that file size, which is the same in yourcase, but it interested me in story, the art could be better though, still nice work, i hope to see more soon...


Icarus-Warrior responds:

Thanks for the definitive review. I will look out for the size in later movies. I wanted to get the sound quality up, and since I'm only using Flash 3 here(EEp) you can only import wav files. What a drag. But thakn-you for your nice and frendly review.


The movie was pretty good for your first time. Your drawings need a little improvement, but that will grow in time. You had very cool music. I thought it fit perfectly with the movie. The blood was decent. You should have more spray in your blood. But overall good movie man. Respond if you can.


Icarus-Warrior responds:

Thank-you very much DeathToSeasons. No, my drawings need a lot of imporovement, but that will be far better in later movies. The graghics will include shadows on character models as well as guns that will look life-like. Thank-you for your music comment, because I spent some time doing it.
Thank-you DeathToSeasons for your helpful review.