Reviews for "Dynamo Joe"

very nicely done mate

was a nice flash a madness clone well sort off but not by much
the only thing i could see wrong was the fight scene seemed really slow to do things like swing a sword ..... an why does the gun fire 3 times before the bullet comes out:? apart from that really good should be proud of your self lad

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Lol. Thank-you very much. This is great! A 10! Thaks buggsy1 very much. Well, yeh it is a bit of a madness clone, but hopefully when the story kicks in in the later films, it won't remind you of it as much.


this is a great movie! cant wait till ep 2 und 3:P.. here comes the rev..:

graphics: are not bad.. could be better..
style: kinda reminded me of madness.. everyone loves madness so dont worry bout that:P
sound: sound is good... (could be better)
interactivity: like i said... everyone loves madness ^_^
humor: there wheren't any jokes but i dont mind...
overall: 9! (expect this to go to the front page)

i would mind the details if i where you... it whasn't cool that he whas sleeping on the floor and at the point the ninja dives and dynamic joe is shooting some bullits hit the ninja... you gotta watch out for that! but its great and i can only hope part 2 and 3 are as good as this...

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Thank-you. Thank-you. Thank-you Mr_Perverted_one! The graphics will be better in later films, and madness, yes, I thought so... Eeep. Yeh, the sound could be better, the humour, well there isn't supposed to be humour so thanks, and overall 9! YOU EXPECT THIS TO GO ON THE FRONT PAGE!? Thanky-you so much, however I do't think it will with everyone else reviewing it the way they are right now.
And when you were commenting on the dtails, yeh, I probably need to improve on them, but yes i did realise that the bullet goes through him, its meant to be going to the side of him, not just above and below.


I dont know, I just somehow liked this Flash. I know you dont response back. But anyway, the sound was perfect. Why dont you realase Dynamo Joe 2? As I said you dont gonna response back, so I dont gonna get the answer. But, Dynamo Joe 2 might be nice if you do that. TRY to keep it up!

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Wow! A review! Sorry I haven't replied yet, I didn't expect anyone to review in such a long time, so thank you so much. You're right, I did stop making the second for a while, but just in the last month it's back in action, and about 4 of the aprox. 8 minutes are done. It's looking better than ever, and my flash skills have improved in leaps and bounds since DJ1. So thank-you for you're awesome review, I won't forget it.

pretty dam good

about time i saw an entertaing flash today, well done, only one suggestion, at the u dont need the "and he was captured" text, it shouldve just faded to black and all u can hear is the hero getting knocked to the ground, then slowly being dragged off

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Thankyou CrazedShep. I'm glad that you think that the movie was worth while. It spent me some time. I'l take your constructive critiscm to use. I am at the moment creating Dynamo Joe 2, and the graphics are far better.

I couldn't stop laughing

Brilliant use of poor graphic comedy. I couldn't stop laughing at how contrived the whole thing seemed.

Great Work.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

You are so mean, it's not supposed to be funny. But I suppose you gave me an 8. I can't complain. Thanks for the review Mubaka