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Reviews for "Dynamo Joe"

Not bad for a first

The plot was pretty good, but the graphics were really pathetic, but a humerous pathetic. And what was that with the swords and guns always switching hands and people, like one moment it was in the hand of one person and then the next in the enemies hand???

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Sorry man, the movie wasn't meant to be funny. However, the graphics will hopefully be much better in later films. And the hand switching, is usually, when guys are stealing weapons off eachother. Thanks for the review iceman_pierce!

This has potential...

The storyline of this movie is quite good, except there are a few flaws.
1) Fighting is a little too slow
2) Legs do not move when walking

These just need to be sorted out. Also try to improve on your graphics, eventualy your flasheswill get better.....not that this one is good, just needs a little more work on it. Good luck with any future flashes.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

OOoooh, the pain. No legs moving, I know, its annoying isn't it. It annoys me too, and at the moment I just don't know how to get them to walk properly, but I'll find a way. And the fighting being slow, well I never thought about that, but I'll take it into account.
And yes, I know what you mean by flash getting better. I used to frame by frame animate, eep, until I found this new thing called "Motion Tweening" lol. The grapghics will certainly get fixed in later films.


I hope this was supposed to be fun, cause I found it amusing in a sarcastic kind of way. That is, I hope the author is sarcastic with the story :D Kinda liked it, keep it up, it´s good for a first movie!

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Sorry man, this ain't supposed to be funny, but if your laughing at my graphics, then yeh, their pretty crap. They will get improved in later films. Thanks Rucklo for the review.

I couldn't stop laughing

Brilliant use of poor graphic comedy. I couldn't stop laughing at how contrived the whole thing seemed.

Great Work.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

You are so mean, it's not supposed to be funny. But I suppose you gave me an 8. I can't complain. Thanks for the review Mubaka

Voices were good,

But I have to say, I'm VERY confused.
I can see how you're trying to link your story together, but you should probably stop avoiding all transition by substituting text in. What chip? Why is it wanted? Why does he have it? Are his dreams forshadowing? Paranoia? And just why can his 'arms' extend to almost twice his body length?

Mix in a can of refinement and you've got yourself something to work with. I recomend avoiding any more inspiration from 'The Matrix'. It's bad for you.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Yes, you have a right to be confused. Basicaly, this is just the beginning of the series. Your not meant to really know what's going on right now, as the sequels will explain everything. Also, sorry man, I won't be averting my attention from The Matrix - Its my favourite series.
But than-you for your commment.