Reviews for "Dynamo Joe"

Great blood animation

I loved the blood animation. Next time, just add more blood. A lot more. lol.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

LOL. Later films will feature more blood, and much better graphics. Thanks for the review though. I can tell that your one of those guys who just wants more violence.


I've seen alot of really bad first flash animations, but your's isn't one of them. I was impressed with your sound choices - which still need some work - and pleasently happy with the graphics - also in need of work - that weren't stick figures! True, everyone reminded me of Rayman from the console games, but they weren't stick figures... yay! I did enjoy this alot, and can't wait for the next one to see how well you improved.

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Rayman. LOL. That guy is so cool. No, actually I thought that you guys would blam me for them being like Madness. I never thought of Rayman. But thanks for the nice review, and yes the graphics will be much better in the future. If you want a glimse of the weapons and new models, click on about in the main menu, and go to preview at the bottom.

Below average but still very cool.

That was incredibly cliche'd, unoriginal, with pretty bad animation, and not great voice overs.....but somehow I still enjoyed it, haha!

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Well thank-you for that really mean review, until the end. The whole story will be revealed in later films, and the graphics will be improved in later flms too.

Nice Script, Bad GRX!

You have good scripting idea's, keep it, but try to improve you're grx.

Good Luck

Icarus-Warrior responds:

Thank-you about the scripting ideas, and yes, in later films the graphics will be far better, with shadowed characters, as well as redifined weapons that right now look pretty life-like. Thanks for the review.


This is a promising series.

The graphics werent that great, the style has been used before (not that you using it is a bad thing) and the sound was ok.

Somethings you might want to consider for your next animation, having a background, maybe modifing the people and the guns.


Icarus-Warrior responds:

Lol. Well actually the 3 things I'm doing for the sequels is redo the guns, characters, and backgrounds. It will be much better I hope. Thank-you for your reveiew LamboFactor.