Pixelville Pensioners

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EDIT: hints page up at
EDIT 2: Woohoo! NG Homepage!
The result of many months of work, Pixelville Pensioners is a graphic adventure game using ZX spectrum graphics and sound effects!

This will bring back some memories for some people!

Music by myself and Samba Lucas


nice RPG

it's a great idea. nice job with the pixel(ing?) I enjoyed it for the short time I played it, cause it started to get long.

o well. u worked hard on this, 4/5 because I didn't play it long. maybe i'll play it longer when there's some time to kill.

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gavD responds:

Thanks for that! Yeah, it takes average of about 30 minutes to complete the game, though there are walkthroughs available already!

recap on the old days,

sorry if i gave you a three,im still pissed with my SNES cause i cant get to ever finish ghouls and goblins past level 6,i never really appreciated old games like pac man and tenis,im using doom 3(i strongly recommend)and that too is pulling my limbs apart.

gavD responds:

Old school rocks!

The SNES games are often quite challenging. If you finish G&G quite frankly you deserve a frickin' medal, that game is borderline impossible!

An instant classic

This is what real video games are like, not all that bull shit 3D stuff they always make now.

When they stopped making Super Nintendo games I lost the love of playing video games. I never played one those old systems, Iwish I could.

This remind me alot of those Game And Watch games they made a long time ago.

But anyway, this game is a classic. Living proof that in the graphics world simplicity = fun

Good Job

gavD responds:

Thankyou so very much! I'm glad you appreciate what I was trying to do with this game.

Bloody amazing!

You , good sir, are a true hero of your generation. Being born in 1987, I wasn't fully exposed to all the hubbub around the Spectrum, the Atari, the Commodore 64, etc.

However, I still spent my childhood mostly playing the good ole C64. I've played hundreds of games, and this brought back plenty of memories. I've been playing this game for about ten minutes now (haha :P) and I've been trying to figure out some things. I refused to use the hints, though, as it completely draws away from the experience and I grew up playing games like this and now it's just second nature.

I've done quite a bit of programming in my time as well; Hell, I've been on a C64 since I was not even four years old! :P

I love this though; this is what gaming is all about. Abstract square tunes and large pixellicious blotches made into barely-recognizable figures.

Well done. You've made the best flash game ever. ;D

Now make more. Muahaha.

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gavD responds:

Thanks! This review is awesome, thanks for taking so much time to write it. I will certainly make more games, God willing!

41m 10s

MAKE MOREEEE!!!!! i beat the game i 41m 10s and i was never bored because first 20 minutes or so, i was discovering land and talking to people

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gavD responds:

Excellent! I'm so glad you enjoyed it; it makes the 100 or so hours I put into developing it worthwhile.

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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2004
11:54 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click