Reviews for "Pixelville Pensioners"

Great game

I love this game. keep getting stuck after I win the contest, though.

Oh, and ninjasrdabest, how old are you? I only ask because it seems like you think that the N64 had 8-bit graphics. It was called N64 for a reason.

Good game!

This game is awesome! Kept me occupied for hours, what I don't get about these reviews though, this was submitted over 3 years ago and yet people are still writing bad reviews. I don't think the author of this game is still going to be checking for reviews. And to the people who say bad graphics, this is meant to be 8 bit and pixels. It is supposed to look like a game on a N64 or something.


not so good storyline-
kinda slow-
kinda boring-

But good music- or at least the first song


Bad graphics, idiotic story. Only sound was good


gg. nice game