Pixelville Pensioners

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EDIT: hints page up at
EDIT 2: Woohoo! NG Homepage!
The result of many months of work, Pixelville Pensioners is a graphic adventure game using ZX spectrum graphics and sound effects!

This will bring back some memories for some people!

Music by myself and Samba Lucas


nice job!

It's a pretty nice game. The game makes sure you span each and every screen millions of times to see what you've missed. I havn't gotten to recruiting anybody yet. But i have changed to color.

gavD responds:

Thanks! Glad you like it!

If you wanna scan the screen quickly, hold down "tab" - this will highlight all the options one by one.

Gr8 Stuff

This was so cool done really well, i love these types of games. There's a whole host of them done by a site called videletrix, but this one's right up there with them. And kudos on replying to every reviw.

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gavD responds:

Heh heh - took me a while to spot this review I haven't checked back for a while! Thankyou!

The Videletrix site it the Brothers Chaps from Homestarrunner.com - they make cracking toons and games. This game was in production before Peasant's Quest came out, so it's not a rip off, but the games are similar - check it out!

great story

hi, i wanted to know what the world record for fastest completion of this game is, on my second try i got 4m 44s

gavD responds:

Hi Mantits, I think Yonuss got 4 minutes 20...

loved it so far but duno wot to do...

wtf do u do afta uve bought the land?

gavD responds:

You need to do what Anthrax did, and be "Starting up a Posse"! Ask around town to see who will help you... You need 2 people...

I like these types of games...

Definately brings back some memories. Good job. Cool game, fun premise, good style, cool background art. I saw you say you're mediocre at best, don't say that. You're good, keep at it, the game was fun!!!!!

gavD responds:

Thanks! I meant my graphics skills are mediocre - I'm a programmer and "ideas guy", I'm not too great at putting the polish on the product.

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3.73 / 5.00

Nov 5, 2004
11:54 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click