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Solidstick Fight: STAGE 4

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Note: Daily 4th place? Thanks guys!
Finaly here it is. Solidstick fight: Stage 4. It has everything that made part 1, 2 and 3 cool. And more....
It is in a arena again... So thats different from part 3.
Btw. this is the longest ssf ever. Itsabout 100 seconds!
Well.. just watch and...

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This was a lot of fun! I just really liked the idea of the red guy splitting in two and then making one big monster out of himself! I had no idea he would actually lose! Then again, the other guy did win all the other fights. I like how it has a story. It's just fun to see how it flows so well.

The CGI effects were really good! I wasn't expecting them at all. The music was great too. It was just cute how they talked with signs. It's weird I find something cute in this.


after seeing stage 3 i had to see this one! Your on my favourite authors list and this submission is one of my favourite submissions! Great job!


nice 3d!
the greatest flash in the world would be solidstick fight: the game!
anyways, great job!



i was thinking of that once... might do it once... dunno... ahhh well... we'll see


and for the guy before me its eather larry the cable guy,jeff foxworthy,ext
over all that was funny as hell first a nomal fight the like a cell it mutplleied and the dant dant da dant dant da:) its was sweet and thanks for the flash help:)


That was fleakin' gl'eat - (reference to comedy stand up guy of which I forgot his name). Uh, yeah... That was cool. I give it a 4 out of 5. Whenever I try to make a cool fight like this, it never comes out right, I just don't have the talent that people like you have. I make mine by using symbols, not FbF. Keep making them. I loved it.