Reviews for "Solidstick Fight: STAGE 4"

Give yourself a pat on the back.

This was really good. You put a lot of effort into it. I especially loved the 3d effects, that was a cool edition.
But, no offence, the giant stick figure boss was...well...lame.

Apart from that, very good! I look foward to Stage 5!

Not enjoyable

The previous were good, but that was shit. There are sooo many different things you can do with Flash and you, You chose to complain about people and them not eating fast food. That's kinda what you do most of the time. Pick a topic and have a squirrel talk and complain about it. Foamy IS growing old now, and it is getting repetive and it's probably a waste of time for me to watch it, and a waste of time for you to animate.


You reviewed the wrong movie.

*twitch**twitch* (not intended as a dis)

Very good, I especially like the 3-D parts with the pole like sword. Made my eyes hurt though...
I like it very much, all 4 were very good. I was looking at the credits and it said You (gamecubicle) are left handed... I am to. I want to make some flash of my own but i do not seem to have the correct tools for the job. Since I am a fan... I was hoping you could rate my Animation when it comes out. I will try to make a very high quaility one at that.


Contrary to your first movie i'm more impressed with this than the first one - at least in the end battle the characters didn't jump up into a white background and float around with super saiyan hair...

Do not complain about the "3.63", it is a little bit more than what this deserves. You did not have a wide variety of sprites and the fact Mario turned into a clock at the end pissed me off. Try your hand at some non-sprite now, it seems all your other movies are sprite and you should now be past that newbie-stage of non-sprite. Good luck with future movies! I'm sure you'll be a big hit on NG some day.

(P.S - in the credits don't bother putting "GAMECUBICLE" on everything like "Director" and "Storyboard" because we KNOW its by you, just put "By Gamecubile" ;) )


erm... you reviewed the wrong movie man... this is Solidstick fight: STAGE 4, not Mario's revenge 3...


What program did you make the 3d effect in?