Reviews for "Solidstick Fight: STAGE 4"

Awesome job

I really enjoyed this movie! I liked the frame by frame, it was good! If you put yourself through lots of disciplin on doing frame by frame, keep doing it even if your thinking "Gah! Im bored of this today" keep doing it. The harder to push yourself, the better you will become. Keep flashin cubicle, your doing great :)



Thanks dude.
And indeed... Fbf is a pain in the ass...

Stick fighting fun !!!

That was great! R u making more?


If i make more it will take a while. I dont only want to make solidstick fight... maybe in a few months or so.. But not now.
Thanks for the 9!

All my 5 belong to this movie

i gave you 5 because really really really really like it hope it stay man....


My movies always stay. So thats no reason to give it 5. But thanks man!