Reviews for "Solidstick Fight: STAGE 4"

waaaay better than last 2

dude yhat was awsome. i like how you did the 3d part and i noticed i couldent see the... um wat eva thos guys were. i liked the music. wat was it by the way? oh and dude keep it goin your mi faverate dude ever. i saw all of your movies and and games. KEEP IT UP!!!


I dont have games... only movies and tutorials. But thanks for adding me in your faf list! And thanks for the 10!

Better, but worse at the same time.

Definatly propelled in the style and directing department, but your animation in this episodes was very lacking. The fighters were... too fat, and their heads were too small. The good parts were the smoothness of it all, the music was rad, and it tied into the fight at parts. (the throwing of the stick for instance) but all in all, i'd have too say 2 and 3 are your best so far in animation. If you stick with this style of directing, and lose the boss, and "Stage #" then you'll have yourself a masterpiece.


Why lose the boss? i thought it was cool. And i also think part 3 is better. But not that much people think tht. Its scored only 3.28.... I think people like it better if the fighting is really over the top (like this one).
And why loose the Stage#.... Thats just the name of the episode...


Different kind of ..well..fighting cartoons but i like..


Coool but kinda weird. Any movie is good with 3D effects! I like the doll looking characters, and did that white guy became Spider Man afterwards or what? Btw, ur left hand isn't a hardware. Nice choice of music, but needs more sounds. Good job, u get a 5.


Why isnt my left hand hardware? lol....
He didnt became spiderman. He can just make ropes come out of his hands (like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat)
Thanks for the 9.

not so great, unfortunately

i really like solid stick fights...but this one was horrible. it didnt seem any longer than 30 seconds, the music choice was horrible. also, the music quality was horrible too...



If something is great. it always seems short... but it was pretty long. It was 100 seconds.