Reviews for "Solidstick Fight: STAGE 4"


music was good, but the graphs sucked from the deep!!!


Like you can do better.. Its all framy by frame drawn. And htere are over 1500 frames... That takes a long time. So dont complain about hte graphics. At least solid sticks are better then normal sticks.


yes, i'ts great movie and all.... but its really getting...the same,with the band from their hands and the swords,but i know its hard to get ideas and to animate so well... :D


This movie was good but its sure that you taked your idea on xiaoxiao...


Nah... It was more inspired by the original Solidstick movies then by Xiaoxiao... Although everybody thinks that... If i wanted to make a xiao xiao ripoff i would have used normal sticks... and btw... i bet you call every stick fighting movie a Xiaoxiao ripoff....

After a while...

things get overdone. You know, even the FRIENDS series, although that was old to begin with. Anyway, this one combined everything you had done in Fights 1 and 2...and the Matrix. Uh.
*coughcough* Let's see you try something else.

The boss was new though. Neat.


I dont want to talk to you... Im too good for you.... Talk to the hand because the head wont listen.

will he get a Game Over!?!??!

lol just kidding i wish it could be a console game like that!good work...as always!