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The Jordan Show Ep.1

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It's my new show about crazy stuff that happens and stuff. It's only like a minute and 20 seconds but it took me a long time so I hope you enjoy it. Try not to swear in the reviews just because there is mild swearing in the movie.

I can't really think of anything else to say so I'll give you the dialogue:
Duncan:"Bush sucks!"
Duncan:"Mini-me, get me a coke."
Rabin:"Fuck you, Duncan."
Duncan:"Get it, bitch."
Jordan:"So...what's up, Trey."
Trey:"I don't go by Trey anymore."
Jordan:"So what's your new wigger name, wigger?"
Trey:"I'm not a wigger."
Jordan:"Okay, so what's your new name?"
Trey:"Black Trey."
Daniel:"Mmm parfait!"
Wes:"I'm Wes and I skateboard."
Jordan:"Why are you so small, Tommy."
Tommy:"Uhh...I dunno."
Nick:"Hey guys!"
Tommy:"Whoa. Rabin's dead."
Jordan:"Hey Nick."
Nick:"Who wants to be in my video?"
Gilley:"I'll be in it."
Nick:"Oh, didn't see you there, Gilley."
Daniel:"Hey, isn't that the haunted camera?"
Daniel:"Mmm parfait!"
Jordan:"Yeah, the haunted camera. Haven't you heard about it? Everyone who's used it has been killed by a monster...yep...killed by a monster...big ol' monster...yep...killed."
Nick:"So do you want to be in the video or not?"
Jordan:"I guess I have to be in it since this is my show."
Trey:"...wait, what?"

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Heh heh eh? Heh!

Nice. I see where you began, (Is that a real word?)
Anyways, yar still on my fav artist list,
hmmmm.... Weird I never seen this one until now.

Imagine that!?


This sucks the f@#king ballbag

Who do you thik you are

I just think that next tme you should use better sound

Its all shet

Jordanog responds:

dude, why are you reviewing a movie from 4 years ago? like how did you even find it? Whatever. I have better shit now. This was just something to show my friends. And say fucking next time. fucking


it was alright u just need to work on the animation. it was kinda of funny espically when the dudes hair grew and kept changin
i want to see ep. 2 seee what this whole monster of the camera thing is

Yeah, well, you know what they say on ng:

"its aight. its ok n all but u shojld work on it man."

But this was more of a "U SUCK!!1!!1 BUT THE MOVIE ROCK!!!!"

I guess if I thought I was cool I'd say "this flash is fuckin"

I think personally I would say, "The plotline was lacking, but there was definantly some effort, so keep it up. You should work mostly on the drawing stuff part."

Jordanog responds:

yeah, whatever the fuck you just said

Pretty good, room for improvement

Nicely made, the art was above average, sometimes it looked a bit rushed though. It was still good, along with the animation. The random humor and regular humor was good. One problem is the sound, sometimes it's clear, but sometimes it's not clear, and the volume changes from time to time. That seems to be the only real problem though, other than that good job!

Jordanog responds:

yeah, it sucks. i know. you should check out my "commercial" flash, man.