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Reviews for "The Jordan Show Ep.1"


You've got a two buy a guy named chin thats a good one. ok don't tease me bout my name. I just wana say that was funny as hell.

Jordanog responds:

I do appreciate chin's pity, but yours is much better. Thanks for ignoring the sub-par graphics and sound.

good stuff

This is some good quality flash. It has some flaws (as other ppl mentioned, the mic and such things) but it's really funny. The irrelavent MMM PARFAIT thing is damn hilarious. And to all the people who think this is trash: Get a life. You arent the 21 year old people who you say you are. 21 year olds would be mature enough not to flame this. And I also notice that they have no flash or skill of their own, yet theyre favourite artists are all the same. LEGENDARY FROG, KRINKLES and all those ppl. Learn to spell in english too. 'dis b tat wish no 2 n00b w00t f*cklololrotfl'. Shut up. Good movie though man. But fix your mic. Thanks for your time. Hopefully, you might make newgrounds a less crappy place.

Jordanog responds:

thanx, man. you know how to review. thats for sure. And I'll try my hardest to work on this damn mic.

Pretty good, room for improvement

Nicely made, the art was above average, sometimes it looked a bit rushed though. It was still good, along with the animation. The random humor and regular humor was good. One problem is the sound, sometimes it's clear, but sometimes it's not clear, and the volume changes from time to time. That seems to be the only real problem though, other than that good job!

Jordanog responds:

yeah, it sucks. i know. you should check out my "commercial" flash, man.

Yeah, well, you know what they say on ng:

"its aight. its ok n all but u shojld work on it man."

But this was more of a "U SUCK!!1!!1 BUT THE MOVIE ROCK!!!!"

I guess if I thought I was cool I'd say "this flash is fuckin"

I think personally I would say, "The plotline was lacking, but there was definantly some effort, so keep it up. You should work mostly on the drawing stuff part."

Jordanog responds:

yeah, whatever the fuck you just said


it was alright u just need to work on the animation. it was kinda of funny espically when the dudes hair grew and kept changin
i want to see ep. 2 seee what this whole monster of the camera thing is