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Reviews for "The Jordan Show Ep.1"

i do not a like it (read in scottish)

ay thort it was totally crap me wee lass cood make a beetar flash den dat yay bunch a ameturs

Jordanog responds:

I'm not a bunch of people (read in english). Go fuck yourself.

good stuff

This is some good quality flash. It has some flaws (as other ppl mentioned, the mic and such things) but it's really funny. The irrelavent MMM PARFAIT thing is damn hilarious. And to all the people who think this is trash: Get a life. You arent the 21 year old people who you say you are. 21 year olds would be mature enough not to flame this. And I also notice that they have no flash or skill of their own, yet theyre favourite artists are all the same. LEGENDARY FROG, KRINKLES and all those ppl. Learn to spell in english too. 'dis b tat wish no 2 n00b w00t f*cklololrotfl'. Shut up. Good movie though man. But fix your mic. Thanks for your time. Hopefully, you might make newgrounds a less crappy place.

Jordanog responds:

thanx, man. you know how to review. thats for sure. And I'll try my hardest to work on this damn mic.


made me laugh...
not really very good, you really need to get a better mic or something.
u got skill, but can you use it?
if you want...

Jordanog responds:

Thanks man... you're out of the club. jk. thanks for the honesty. I don't know what the mic's deal is. it's kinda anal. almost as anal as my first few reviewers...


Erm once again, sumbitting to the ng mass about the things that go on at your school is a bad idea - no one gets any of the jokes cos they dont know the people - i would maybe introduce em. maybe stop the screen on their face and speak for a bit. the sound was terrible and i could hardly hear dude...

your jokes were off as well...

try and make summit people understand next time... a waste for 3 AND A HALF MEG!

that sucked

k im guessing ur sum lonly dude who hate himself and that was u having a go at everyone u know or it was a private joke which no1 else will get!!!

wateva i couldnt watch all of it!!!!!!

Jordanog responds:

you couldn't watch all of it? That is exactly why you're review has no relevance to the movie at all. Go bleed or something.