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Reviews for "The Jordan Show Ep.1"


You've got a two buy a guy named chin thats a good one. ok don't tease me bout my name. I just wana say that was funny as hell.

Jordanog responds:

I do appreciate chin's pity, but yours is much better. Thanks for ignoring the sub-par graphics and sound.

There are many problems here.

1) Plot. I highly suggest a better plot should you decide to continue this. There are many well established series' on NG, all of them with at least semi-original stuff. Learn from them, but don't rip them off.
2) Animation. Its obvious that you need more training here. You even mentioned it in the animation itself that some people are too small.
3) Sound. The sound on this flash was extremely irritating. If you do not know how to use it properly, use text or some voice program that the Clock Crew and Lock Legion use.

I honestly hope this is blammed so its not on your list of submissions. My advice is to scrap this, work on it a lot more, and re-submit when its truly complete.

Jordanog responds:

Well at least you gave advice unlike those cockbites before you. I honestly don't see what's wrong with the sound... I guess you guys must have it turned way up or something. As for the guy "i made too small", it was because he's usually very tall, and it was ironic. You all comment on the animation yet offer no advice for improvement. I saw nothing wrong with the animation, considering stick figures have made it through the portal and all. I guess I'll just give everything unneccessary shading and resubmit...not.