EgoCity Revelation P2

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Enjoy the madness.
Update 2/11/04: Ego Revelation Episode III is underway. Even though I haven't told the meaning of the movie, you can see it tells itself (until I finish the next episode).
It's like that Clone Wars on Cartoon Network. Each episodes of it is 10mins just like mine...except my movies are like around 2 or 3mins


yo man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good job!

Some annoying things

You made a good movie with some nice humor, but you would be better off not doing you own voice acting. It sounds like your wispering into the mic. It doesn't sound accutly like anything what I imagine your normal tone would be, sort of like your doing the voice acting while trying not to wake somone next to you up. Other than that, good movie, real good animation, some promising stuff if you can work on the voices a bit more ( Dont be shy to nearly scream, sometimes you have to, and plus no one who watches this will see you in real life, so nothing to be embarrassed of :P )

Haha I love the Peanut Butter Jelly Guy

That was funny when the guy was all nothing happened last time except me going "peanut butter jelly peanut butter jelly" hahahhahah that was funny

Good animation, Bad Voices

Very intertesting battle, but the voice acting was the thing bringing down this picture. A little exaggeration in your voices sometimes will never hurt anyone.


Great art work. Very invader Zimish, very Animeish.

the voice Acting was the only thing that held this movie down. No expression, it seemed when their was a time to yell it turned to a whisper.

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3.97 / 5.00

Dec 31, 2003
4:14 PM EST
Comedy - Parody