Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation P2"

Great work

I'm a big fan of all your works, but this episode stands out above all. This is mostly becuase Scar's my favorite character in the series (and he's at his best here). Although not your most polished work, it does show the beginnings of one of the greatest flash artists around. Excellent work, now Supernaught1 approved.


that was awesome.... you have made me reasses my grading scale on movies! if I could have voted 11 i would have


that was some nice shit man

Peanut butter jelly!

These are quite short but... they're great to watch! Anyway, this was much more funnier than the first one and the explosion sprite thing.. I do hope you stop using them in the next one I watch (xP) and draw it because the sprite doesn't fit in.

Itsa me marioooooooooooo,

.....cool,i guess......*bursts out laughing*

Ha ha ha!I like this one: "Its me Scar,and im gonna ween!" and these: "Stupid cartoon tricks!","Your not suppose to live you idiotic monkey pants!"