Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation P2"

Well Done...

I love the style of this. Excellent piece of work. This makes me interested in comic books all over again. Looking forward to seeing all 15 episodes.


that was some nice shit man


that was awesome.... you have made me reasses my grading scale on movies! if I could have voted 11 i would have

Great work

I'm a big fan of all your works, but this episode stands out above all. This is mostly becuase Scar's my favorite character in the series (and he's at his best here). Although not your most polished work, it does show the beginnings of one of the greatest flash artists around. Excellent work, now Supernaught1 approved.


Oh my gosh, Scar made me crack up! "It's a me, Scar, I'm a gonna ween!"
Awsome job!