Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation P2"

Good animation, Bad Voices

Very intertesting battle, but the voice acting was the thing bringing down this picture. A little exaggeration in your voices sometimes will never hurt anyone.


Great art work. Very invader Zimish, very Animeish.

the voice Acting was the only thing that held this movie down. No expression, it seemed when their was a time to yell it turned to a whisper.

ah its me mario

I loved this, I laughed I smiled I liked your flash, The only thing I didn't like was the voice acting, it just didnt seam right and I guess another thing I didn't like was that it was to short... and mario had like 10 sec in your pic whats up with that.... ok those are all little things but I liked this flash great.... amazing work and I hope that maybe some more will come from this series

Good job dude

I really enjoyed it, I like your style of drawing, alot like anime. Keep up the good work dude!