Reviews for "EgoCity Revelation P2"

yo man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

good job!


Your flashes are like the only ones that keep getting 10s O_O;; your making me look soft! KEEP IT UP

just keeps getting better

You'r good. Liked the xtras. :)

Again, what can I say!!

It's just getting better and better! That Yu-Gi-Oh! thing in the middle was hilarious as hell; and so was the Mario thing!! But just to improve the smothness of it all I think you should have their voices be a little louder because you could barely hear them talking with all of the shooting and all that Jazz. I also recognized a few sound effects from the Pinball game on Microsoft; very creative!

OMG,that went fast.

Great!Youve added a menu now too!This is great,great animation and plot was great too.Looking forward to seeing more of these!