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Plan 9 From Underpants

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In this sequel to FEF, a rather down-and-out Colin Mochrie finds himself to be the object of attention of some Space-Leprechauns, who have big plans for him... But disaster awaits...

Contains Viewmaster-esque 3D sequences in "ST3R3-O-Vision(TM)".

What will happen in the final episode of the epic "Colin Mochrie versus Jesus H. Christ" trilogy? Find out in December 2003, in the Fanimutation to end all Fanimutations!

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Freaky deaky Dutch

Part 2 of this classic!

I was introduced to Kabouter Plop because of this video.

This was the only one in the series I was not familiar with. I admit it's weird to see an ongoing story with this. Of course, any idea can be good. I don't know where the "Plan 9" name comes from. I mean, there are underpants at least! I never saw that movie.

It's great to see all this stuff again. I forgot about Dancing Hitler and that rocket. Stuff in animutations becomes familiar after awhile. Poor Commander Keen. I actually get that joke.

TmsT responds:

"Plan 9" is a reference to Ed Wood's legendary film "Plan 9 from Outer Space", considered one of the worst films ever made. It seemed like an appropriate reference for one of my first experiments in animation. The fact that there's no hint of any numbered plans in this animutation itself is all part of the "bad movie" charm! (Yeah, THAT'S it!)

Gotta love the classics.