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Mutant Ninja Turtles

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ps guys - First ep released!

This a darker look at the Ninja Turtles. It takes place when they've grown up and Splinter has died. I've seen the new cartoon and it has great art style thats the same as this, but I want to take the Turtles darker.

This is an intro and you should see some new characters in there. If anyone thinks they can help that would be cool.

btw: How come theres no TMNT section on here yet?

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Very nice!

Too bad about Master Splinter, though... but this was very awesome. It is indeed darker. But that's why I love Newgrounds, there are always darker versions of movies about well-known characters here, such as Mega Man, Super Mario, Donkey Kong, etc. I have seen alot, but your stuff is the only one with the TMNT I've seen with darker plots and animations. I don't know why people haven't added so much TMNT stuff here, as it is popular too. Maybe there will be more one day?
Anyways, this was great. The music was great also. So fitting for a ninja (or four). You should do more. You have an amazing talent in animation.


I have the feeling that you somewhat got the idea of making it much darker from watching the Same As It Never Was episode where everything falls apart?

Ahh..Finally a darker tale

I liked how this sorta reminded me of the original TMNT comic series when it was violent, B&W, and gritty. While I've grown to like the different head bands, I've missed the dark and gritty. I feel this looks back on the darker qualities. And it was great.


cant waiiiiittt!!


Absolutly amazing i would watch that every week!