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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles"

Adult Mutant Ninja Turtles

It was cool. The only problem I had was that it just took clips from the shows art work wich is ok, but some of it was yores, wich is a bit ok, but it still looked a bit bad because it wasn't very artistic.

this rocks

Wonderful animation. The silhouette frames were excellent and offered a nice contrast (don't worry about the guy below me). Glad to hear you've got the first episode... Everything looks good, the music was a nice choice, and I am curious how you will work in Slash...but I like that he's there. Good job.


i havent seen your others but from this one i think they will be great i think their should have been more blood and not just black figures bleeding


A TMNT movie that actually has blood in it I mean when you think ninja you think gore fest but the shows and and movies never had any of that. so I say thanks for making the turtles be that violent.

one word.....

UNBELIEVABLE.....u did a hell of a job on these turtles my friend....theyre the perfect characters to turn to the darker side.....ill never look at them the same way again....amazing job