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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles"


love the art the FPS was nice music worked well and sound was good but ehy are they all different colored??

A job wellll done

Good animation, not to mention how you have grasped the cocky oneliners from the real turtles. looks good from start to ending, good job and keep those episodes coming!

Ace idea but way too short

I think the idea of showing the turtles darker side is ace. The animation itself is quite good but its way way way too short...if you made it a few min's long it would have kicked ass
but its still pretty good
im giving it a 9 overall

Excellent, but...

I'm not sure if that's Donatello or Leonardo. i mean, Donatello is wearing blue instead of purple, because I zoomed in and looked close and hard as I was able and he's wearing blue, even the wrap on his bo staff is also blue. Or is it light indigo? It doesn't look like purple at all. But I can tell the difference between him and Leonardo, though. His skin color and his weapon. Ehhh... who cares. Purple's not my favorite color anyway, so I gave you all 10's for this because it's awesome and making him wear blue/light indigo. Even I saw the same colors of Don on your other TMNT flashes, and he's still wearing blue/light indigo (And for those of you that think I'm stupid because I thought Donatello is wearing blue or light indigo, no I'm not! It's true. I have a different computer, and that's what he looks like on my computer, and I can't fix the Hue because it doesn't have buttons or gizmos to do so, okay? So please don't rub it in). Excellent job.

Excatly What Late Night TMNT Would Be!!

Wow! this is one great flash! The voices really suit the characters and it was made greatly! also the violence was a new added feature that I loved! :D