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Reviews for "Mutant Ninja Turtles"


worst part was the loading screen...what the heck was that?

and you could see the parts where you took images from other places. but I love the animation effort you put in to this. Showed it to my brother and he thoguht it was amazing too!

I love it!


damn.. what the guy b4 me said

hot damn! you're good!

dang, you do some of the best flash ive seen. whered you learn to do this. this is great stuff! the twist that you added to the TMNT is great. i wish i was this good. damn, i still cant get over how good this is. hmmmm, maybe theres somethin wrong with my brain.


That was great. I cant wait to see the other episodes. You really have captured a dark tone with the turtles. I dont know if you know this but there was a series of comics that had the turtles in a very dark tone. At one point even one of the turtles was killed of in a battle with The Shredder. You have captured that feeling. Great job.

Your good!

Yes, the ninja turtles were my childhood favorite, I even went to see the first movie in theaters when I was much younger but I forgot which year. I really liked your short and I give it a maximum vote!