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Ng Cd 2011 Project Results!

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Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 07:14:00

170 Signups
80+ Entries
34 Winners
1 Bodacious Project

Wow. This has been an absolutely fantastic experience. I have listened to some incredible songs here, and I am not exaggerating when I say...


Seriously. Everyone here should stick together as a community, and we can go far... look what we did here. We have already created this album, together. Do you guys realize how cool that is? If it wasnt for this project, many of us wouldnt have discovered eachother. many of us wouldnt have created these songs. Many of us wouldnt have inspiration. It has been a honor judging these entries and I am happy to see such a wonderful turnout with this project!

Without further ado, I am proud to announce the winners of this contest. The following people have been choosen based on discussion from me and the other judges. We talked for a good while about it and have come to the conclusion that these people deserve to be put onto the NG CD MUSIC FOR CHARITY 2011 ALBUM. If you are not in the list below, don't be discouraged! It was actually pretty difficult to decide who truly was the best of the best. If you didnt get on, that just means you have room to improve! This is why I have decided to review every single finalized submission, along with a few WIPs, so everyone has at least one detailed comment to help them develop their skills into becoming a better compose tommorow! If you DID make it on the least... take this as a cornerstone in your music life! You should feel proud and inspired to keep becoming a better artist, bringing your style and heart into the music world.


Friday Fox
DJ Sonik
Dj Sonik

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYBODY! I went ahead and reviewed everyones finalized song, so you can check the post below if you want to read your review.

Now then... all that's left to do in this massive collaborative project is:

- Put together the winner's songs into organized categories *i'll do that tomorrow after work*
- Decide on a T-shirt design *So far we have two*
- Decide on a charity to donate all of the earnings
- Album art
- Finishing up the store item and price with Tom Fulp

Pat yourselfs on the back guys! We are practically done! It is 6AM here... so if you excuse me, im going to bed ahahah.

POST WHAT YOU HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THE PROJECT SO FAR HERE ON THIS THREAD! Any improvements you see needed? Do you think you deserved to win but didnt? Go ahead and converse amongst eachother. Tell people what you thought about their track. Do... STUFF.

shirt #1

Ng Cd 2011 Project Results!

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 07:17:12


sorry if they seem kind of lame... I had to do a lot of them lol, but rest assured I was honest and dedicated to them all woopee*

StatueOfDiveo: 8/10

Seems a bit generic, like most drum n bass tracks. Sometimes, however, being generic is good. In this song, you were only generic for the first minute or so. Things started getting a lot better when those bongo drums or whatever they were came in, lol. You did a great job at progressing the normal DNB feel into your own little original spark. The mastering is great and the quality is nice. No real errors were noticed in this track, other than room for improvment. I think you should have added a sort of "chill out" section to the track, and then you could have built it back up to a different beat style. Next time, try going above and behyond. Mess around with different sounds, tempos, and beat patterns. You've got the style down. Overall, I enjoyed the track as a personal fan of Drum n Bass. Good job!

NickPerrin: 9/10

Sounds like an awesome video game track to me. Would go excellent in an RTS like StarCraft. Did you play these instruments yourself? I can't tell if they are electronic or not. If you played these, massive props. That takes some real talent. Putting together your own recordings like this is a hard thing to do. Nice mixing and style. My only complaints would be that everything sounds to loud and jumbled at times, almost as if it is all layered ontop of eachother without any panning. Next time, try panning the instruments in the left and right channels. You will be amazingly surprised with the outcome! Other than the lack of depth, this song is fantastic! I can clearly see this song making it into the album. Great job!

juggernautknights 10/10

Holy shit, that scream is like a thousand angels of death ripping out the heart from my body, and im a masochist, so what i'm trying to say is that IT's FUCKING GREAT. You sound like a professional in this. The guitar rifs are incredible. The drums are fantastic. Like most hardcore tracks, it can be hard when to decide the volume levels should be changed. It is difficult to truly master these kinds of things. For the most part, it was very well mastered with a great field of depth. I only noticed a period of about ten seconds where everything was a clusterfuck... but now that I think about it, people love clusterfucks. So instead of saying, "change the volume levels," im going to say, "nice clusterfuck" Nice clusterfuck! ;) Keep up the great work. It's an honor to have this track on the album! I hope to see much, much more from you. I'm going to go check out some more of your tracks later on after this contest. The combination of guitars, drums, and vocals trully was an orgasmic and head banging experience that makes me want to go on a bloody rampage through an orphanage. I love the synthesizer by the way.

Burn7 10/10

This is a wonderful Instrumental progression into hell. I can picture a tricked out biker guy riding down into the core of the earth with a large blonde beard, pitch black sunglasses, a golden tooth, and a leather jacket. Fantastic work. Well mastered, great field of depth, and a kickass attitude. Short and sweet, just like lustful sex. Aw yeah.

Dj Heat 7.5/10

Ooo, I expected a rap song at first, and then that rave synth came in and I was immediatley surprised. It's kind of like a cross between hip hop and EDM. I love the build up. This is an easy song to get lost to. The only thing I didnt like was how you repeated the "ok check this out" and instead of going to a drop right afterwards, you continued the buildup into a linear feel. That really made me lose the euphoria I was expecting. I was actually hoping for some sort of DNB break, lyrics, change in mood and tempo, dubstep, or something. It would have really made this song A LOT better. Next time, try working on a drop or change of some sort to keep people interested in listening. Otherwise it just sounds repetetive. You seem to be great with buildups though!... but dont make the entire song a buildup.

Tainlor 8/10

I just got Skyrim, and I though to myself, "Hmm, this song would actually sound kind of cool while playing Skyrim..." I might actually download this baby and play it when playing next time. I do wish it wasn't as short though! You could have really continued the groove man. I was hoping for an epic continuiation to this song, but never saw a repost. It seemed to me this was more like a very good WIP than anything, but I'm not letting length effect the score by to much. It was varied enough and well done enough to earn my props. Please make more and make them longer. :)

uint 7/10

When I first started listening to ambient music, I heard a wonderful piano track that was isolated in beautiful, oceanic percussion and pads. It brought me to tears. I was expecting a similiar song when this first started out, but was saddened when my speakers popped a bit. The very beginning needs some mastering. Then the song continued into a different, unique feel that I quite enjoyed. sadly, however, the off tune notes distracted me from the ambient feel and left me with an odd, "huh" feeling. I think you should have kept the mood presented when this first started out, isolated, serence, calm, and soothing. Off tune notes in songs like this makes it very difficult to succeed. When working on your next song, try to stray away from those off notes and stick to the flow.

Friday Fox 10/10

So, I literally said "wow" outloud as soon as I hit play. That elektro synth is orgasmic.The beat makes me move. I can see myself DJing to this. The backbeats are wonderful. The way you laid out every layer is amazing. Damn man, this is very professional. I love every bit of this song. The first synth that comes into play during the wind like pad made me say "wow" outloud again. I swear to god, if you stop making music anytime soon I'll hunt you down and throw an angry letter attached to a brick through your window that says, "MAKE MOAR MUSIX RITE MEOW" or.. something... yeah im going to use this for a rave IM djing at. Thanks for the awesome track!

Reachs 7/10

To be perfectley honest, the vocals kind of ruined this song. I couldnt understand a word of them. The guitar and drums in the background were extremley repetetive and got to be pretty annoying towards the middle of the song. I see where you were going with this, however, and can recommend a few things for improvement. First, make clearer vocals. You could have put in a sort of voice acting skit in here where a man is speaking at a microphone being interviewed, laughing at the questions everyone below is asking in a sort of anarchist way. Second, switch up your tunes. Make it less repetetive. Add some more guitars riffs, bass, drums, switch it up a bit. Thid, master it all together. Make sure your isntruments dont sound to jumbled. The mastering is alright here actually, so you should be good at mastering. Dont stop! Your good at making these beats, you just have to make a song out of them! This seems more like a loop than a song, and I can see it in a flash game very easily.

SeeNoSanity 6/10

That subtractive synthesis is pretty well done, but everything seems so empty. I would suggest practicing more with your sounds and determining which ones sound great together. Ask Space-whale for advice. He is excellent at these sorts of things. He would be a great inspiration to you me thinks. good luck on your reason and cubase stuff, dont give up.

Dementia FX 8/10

Nice and chill. I enjoyed the simplistic and icy beat pattern mixed with the large pressence of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). Sounds like a great loop for a flash game. I would recommend experimenting with the use of sound effects and other things to spicen everything up a bit. Right now there isn't all that much going on, and I feel there is room for many more elements to this song. However, I do enjoy the chilling elements. Keep it up!

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 07:18:47


EmceeWhatE 8.5/10

This mildly reminds me of Kingbastards "The Bastard Files", a series of simplistic, short, and sweet songs that range everywhere from glitch to mild DnB. I enjoyed the chill enviroment this song presented. Its simple and I like it. well mastered and to the point. Nice job!

Dj Sonik 10/10

Man, I love the feel to this song! It is very deep. Depth is an important part of any song, especially one that has such a slow buildup. I adore your sounds. Did you program them yourself? I'm not sure what genre this is. Sounds like chillout to me.... oh wait. oh jesus christ this is fucking drum n bass. That was a BRILLIANT build up. It's refreshing to see such an original mix! Well mastered and orgasmic to the extreme. Major props here. The slow build up makes the repetetion enjoyable. Sometimes that beat can get cumbersome, but you managed to make it the best beat ever. Nice filtering effects and bass! This song is for sure going to be one the album. Nice job! Minimilism at it's best. I love your continuous drops and build ups.

Dj Sonik 10/10

Jesus. This is quality shit. Reminds me a lot of Deadmau5, but even better. Your beats arent overpowering, which is why It's different. I love your use of bitcrushing in here. It goes extremley well with the casual house build up. Orgasmic song. I can easily get lost in this wave of beats and refreshing sounds. Your an amazing artist and will make it far. Hopefully this album will get you somewhere in the world of music! Glad to have you on board the team.

ESTAR48 8/10

Yeah! I love that beat. This is very well mastered. You did a fantastic job here. No improvements needed. It has a catchy tune with great choords and OSC. The only thing I would recommend is trying to make it less generic.This seems like every other techno song out there, yah know? Try getting a bix experimental! Add a bit of SNAZZ in there. Where do you find SNAZZ? What the hell IS SNAZZ? Thats for you to find out. go out and find some SNAZZ! ;)

Stormalot 8/10

The song was pretty well mastered, that's for sure. To me, however, there doesnt seem to be any general originality in here. It seems to be bland. It can't quite put my finger on it. The song seems to flow very smoothly and sounds great, however, so no real improvements on strcuture is needed.

Lashmush 8/10

LOL, this is a great intro track for the hardcore album. It's kind of like "hey this album is actually really peaceful FUCK THAT SHIT AAAAAHHHH hahaha. Oh man, those vocals are killer! I only recommend working on placing them a bit more in the foreground of the song so they are a lil easier to udnerstand. Then again, they are screamo vocals after all, so I guess that doesn't matter much now does it? The only thing I can think of recommending is improving on the mastering a bit. Work on panning and field of depth with the instruments. The sound levels kind of bounce up and down here. Other than tat, very nicely done!

Lashmush 7/10

Woh, I havent heard hardstyle in a long time. Its a rare genre now a days. I think the vocals are kind of random and dont really fit the song. The drop was way to heavy for my tastes and I think you should consider building up to that point instead of ramming it in. This song is pretty much like anal sex without lube to my ears. Work on those sound levels, balance it all out, add some filtering, and work on the blood piercing leads. Your last submission was way better than this. Just work on that volume man haha, its like HOLY SHIT MY SPEAKERS ARE BLOWN.

joethesouleater 7/10

That lead that starts off this song seems to have some frequencies that really hurt my ears. The sound itself ruins the song for me. You should have used a different lead, and pretty much everything else would be fine. the vocals don't match the song to well either. I would strongly recommend working on lowering those highs and mids.

NovaOfTheXqonz 8/10

I actually think you should take out the voice clips entirley in this. They ruin the song man. everything else is PERFECT. It's like watching a wonderful play and hearing some baby cry in the audience and your like, "damn i wish that baby would shut the fuck up". It's exactly like that in this song, except the baby is that voice clip from some movie. Can you maybe take that off? If you do I would be happy to put this on my top 40!

GrooveT3K 8/10

Just in case you are wondering, yes I did listen to your final submission first and that is what im reviewing. I just didnt delete your WIP, along with some others, due to sheer laziness. lol. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoy this song. The buildup is nicely filtered and I love that breakdown! It really is groovy ;). The only thing I recommend is working your volume and layering a bit. Some of the layers that are leads seemed to be turned down where the background seems to be turned up. It's always important to make sure everything fits together volume wise, not just style wise. Keep up the good work!

joethesouleater 8/10

Ah, this one is much nicer! everything is mastered a lot better and the sounds blend well together. It is very chill and dancy. I enjoy it! Everything just FLOWS together very smoothly. It's al pretty predictable, but I still enjoy it. Good job, keep up the good work, and remember to work on those layering techniques! Adjust the volume for certain instruments so nothing is to overpowering. Equalizing is the key here.

joekuli 7/10

I think the main problem with this song is the mastering. The frequencies in the sounds creates a occasional disrupting ressonance that begins to hurt the ears after I while. I recommend working on turning down your mids in order to get rid of this problem. Mastering can be a difficult thing to accomplish, but hey man practice makes perfect! I like the chill atmosphere of the song for sure, but it's hard to get into when the sounds are all that appealing.

KKSlider 9/10

Very chilling and laid back. Reminds me of climbing a radio tower in the middle of a seemingly abandoned, snowy wasteland. I look out into the horizon, past the snow storm, and can make out a few lights in the distance. This would be fantastic for a movie. You are probably one of my favorite ambient producers on NG. I need to look at more of your stuff for sure. The relaxing drone of static and building up strings is excellent. Its yearning me to continue listening, wondering what will happen next. The slow and steady beat is icy, and similiar to what I am trying to achieve in my current song, "Daggers in the Snow". We need to do tha collab dammit! GET ON SKYPE SON. The only thing I recommend doing is mastering those percussion sounds a bit more. They are over powering at times, at least with headphones they are. Keep up your great work!

Twone 8 / 10

Its very chillaxing. Did you play that guitar by yourself? I love the guitar in this. the only thing I don't like is the tune. I listen to jazz a lot, but this specefic tune seems a bit to quirky for my tastes with an odd choice of instruments and pads. It's almost like 90s elevator music. Try working on the depth of field, increasing that bass, and work on getting rid of that quirkyness.

kogasu 8/10

Oooohhhh yeaahhhhhh. That intro is smooth as a babies bottom. I turned up my speakers and just instantly drifted away. This is the kind of song that is mastered so well, you can let it shake your spakers as you sit back and stare into nothingness. I love this buildup. There are a *few* mastering problems, such as the peak of the leads, but other than that this is perfect and euphoric. This is an excellent orgasm of strings and pads. It's almost a cluterfuck of beauty lol. Nicely done, but PLEASE work on those peaks!

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 07:21:11


yes loaded with spelling errors due to the fact it was all typed in notepad. woo!

abdubzero 10/10

Wow that beat. It shakes me so... perfectley. This starts off wonderfully, with a kick and a snare that makes me want to jump up and down like a candy raver. The buildup is great and chill. It reminds me of the time when people at a club have a period where they can talk, and then YEAAAHHHHHHHHHH kickass wobble sex. That bass is, beautifully done. Mmmm. How the hell do you do that. Please share your secrets Elektro Man! You synth riffs are also awesome. Im going to use this for DJing if you dont mind.Your obviously a pro at this shit. ;)

Zelazon 8/10

Kind of has a flash animation feel to it. I like your panning effects there in the beginning and the bass is great. That kick could be turned down just a tad. This reminds me of classic platformer video games. I could see this in an RPG like Final Fantasy as well, walking through a village or something. It a fun little song.

Space-Whale 9/10

You know, i always have enjoyed you glitchy subtractive dubstep experimental shitstorm style. This shit is awesome man. It's simplistic and relaxing. This is a great song by you! Certainly one of your best. I see you improve every day. This is slow, relaxing, and has lots of wonderfully mastered synthesis. Nice and creamy. Since it has a slow tempo, try ERALLY glitching it up and messing with a arger lead. You can really fuck around and wobble this track, phase it, filter it, cut it, glitch it. Look up "Edit" on youtube. He does a lot of similiar tempos and goes for what your trying to do here.

Echo 10/10

Wow, this mastering is fantastic and the instruments are excellent! This is quality enough to be on Oblivion! My only and obvious complaint is... why is this so short! I wish you would have made this longer man, but I can't bear to see this not in the album. This is a definite 10/10 for quality work. Great job! Would work great with a flash movie intro. MAKE ANOTHER AND MAKE IT LONGER THOUGH. ;)

xsaxux 10/10

What are you doing here? Go get your own record deal already xD

First off, the buildup is an orgasmic beat pattern of head bobbing euphoria. I could listen to this all the time in my car while driving. Holy shit dude. THAT DROP. MMMMMM smooth as a babies ass I tell yah. Smooth as a newly paved road. Smooth as a newly shaved vagina. Woohhh that wobble glitching is interesting. Adds a whole nother idea to this. Oh, take it off of Newgrounds so you dont get disqualafied please, cause this is making it into the album!

AirQuake 10/10

Woh. This is like disco elektro hardstyle cancersticks. Tastes delicious if I dont say so myself. Here comes the one minute mark and FUCK YES. Your sounds, your mastering, your electric seals! So many electric seals just slapping their way up and down my dick. Yeah that doesnt make any sense, cause this makes me fucking high. What the fuck. Wait. Those lyrics are from what, electrixxx or Alex Mind or somebody, I cant remember. Anyway, I've heard those lyrics before I just know it.Incredible song. ne of the best entered in this contest for sure. *adds to album*

NimblekidX 7/10

I think my main personal problem with this song is that it sounds far to unrealisitc. The instruments are all clearly MIDI from a low quality pack. I don't really dig the sounds themself all that much. You put them together fine, but you should totally try and make your own sounds from scratch or developing upon these sounds, otherwise it sounds like its straight out of Sim City.


Holy moly man, your singing is great!! The drop is great... man everything is great. This is just a WIP, sadly, and I wish you would have finished it... ah well man. I just can tell you to continue it! CAUSE ITS AWESOME. I might even use it for DJing if you dont mind. :) Keep up the great work! 10/10 WIP NO CONTEST

Xyresic 10/10

I like the title a lot actually, but it's your choice to change it ;)

Obviously i am a giant fan of ambient music. This is quite an excellent track. It is very warm and haunting. That intro reminds me of the deep ocean, but then as the song progresses it makes me think of the sun rising over the horizon of a snow landscape, where everything melts and things start to grow. Nice arping!!! Loving this. The filtering is simple yet sweet. The pads move very well together. The buildup and die down is wonderful. I would like to see you get a bit more experimental and attempt to add sound effects, static, and many many more things. I can see so much more being done to this... but I LOVE it the way it is. It makes me want more. I love that ending wow. Great job man.

TIMarbury 9/10

This is very original dubstep. very trancish. I love that drop more than i love my hentai. Aw yeah. Nice and euphoric. Kickass wobbles! Keep up the great work man.

grooveT3K 10/10

Were those your own vocals? I enjoyed them! This song carries on its original theme and flow very well. I love how you switch it up every now and then to add your own little spark to it. your bitcrushing is great. The song has good depth and mastering as well. I can easily see this song being used in the upbeat album! Great job.

NovaOfTheXqonz 10/10

Wow. Wonderful vocals. Wonderful beats and equalizing. Its rare to hear hardstyle now a days. Its even rearer to hear GOOD hardstyle. This is a wonderful, slippery pile of electronic goo pounding my ear drums. Woh, nice trance in the middle there! Who is your singer? she is excellent. Im glad that you didnt just constantly pound the generic hardstyle beat. You actually switched it up and made things interesting. Major props. Your gating on the vocals was a very nice touch. Its amazing what you can do with one simple line. I love this song so much.

popraz 8/10

I think the general idea for the song seems nice, but the outcome is far to simple and unmasterdd for my tastes. There is far to much rennosance going on here, constantly ringing my ears. Try to properly space out your strings and other instruments to avoid this in the future. Mess with your volume levels until everything sounds nice and creamy. You have good depth of field down, now just master everything.

DjMindSweeper 10/10

Woooooohhhooooaaaa I could dance to this baby! I could drive realy fast to it. Hell i could ill kittens with this music. That filtered synthe in the background is fucking pimpin. every layer works so well together as well. This is FANTASTIC Hardstyle. i dont even like hardstyle. Youve shown me what good hardstyle is!Im totally downloading this to my playlist. Oh lord this constant erection in my pants tells me these beats are golden. You switch up the beat wonderfully, you have everything mastered out the kazzoo, and Im pretty sure this songs vibrations will make even the nerdiest kid on the planet a playa if he plays this to a girl. My favorite is right after the mid way point where you begin to die the song off. It builds down perfectley. Well done!

Supersteph54 8/10

The piano was a very nice touch and I enjoyed its realistic sound if it wasnt actually a real piano in the first place. I cant tell lol. Anyway, there are certainly ways you could improve here! First off, you could master the instruments in the beginning so they dont crackle as much. you could make that bass a bit heavier and turn down the volume of those strings while boosting those shakers a bit.You cuold make it a bit longer, adding different instruments and taking off loud ones so the flow of the song isnt disrupted with a large clusterfuck of sound. there are many things you can do to largely help improve the song. For your first try at the genre, it was smooth! Keep it up man.

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 07:24:47


...yeah nothing weird here, its not like i can post more than 4 posts at a time... or anything...

Kirbyfemur 10/10

This is a very original electronic song. Im not even sure what exact genre to classify it as, so Ill just call it an "original, upbeat euphria that makes you want to get up and dance the night away" It has a quirky, uplifting attitidue surrounded by well mastered synths and beats. I think the only thing you could do to improve this would be to make the lead have a bit more of a kick. Try to go with the same style and then lead it off into an awesome HOLY SHIT DROP. That drop right after the "Dungg..." could have been one of those forementioned HOLY SHIT drops. It was still a nice chillaxing drop, dont get me wrong, but hey try and experiment with what you could do! You have a lot of talent and originality going for you here. Keep it up.

kogasu 8/10

This song has some mastering issues involving ressonance. There are way to many highs and heavy lows in this that run into eahother, which if looked at on a wave level looks pretty messed up. Next time, make sure to master your sounds to run well into eachother. You cant just play pad upon pad and expect it to sound good just because its in harmony. You got to make sure the pads themselves are prperly equalized to avoid bad frequency. Try to mess around with panning, EQuing, and volume control and you will be good to go!

Akaliko 8/10

The song itself was properly mastered, but I wasnt to keen on the tune if you understand what I mean. It might be a personal thing, but I just dont see the song itself to be very much enjoyable. The sounds used seem to be preset sounds, if they arent pelase let me know, and therefore are far to generic to enjoy all that much. It is a good happycore song, however, and is enjoyable to listen to by many people, just not me, but I wont let that effect your score. I would only suggest trying to be a bit less generic. Give it your own spark. Add a little kick in there that defines who you are, not what the genre is. Define your music with yourself.

SineRider 9/10

Wow. The guitar strikes the very center of my soul man. Beautiful. This reminds me of someone I use to love. This describes a smile when I look at her. This describes my fingers gently caressing her face. This describes the joy I get from just being with her. This song is a wonderful chillout euphoria filled to the brim with feelings. My only suggestions would be properly mastering those pads in the background. They are peaking like crazy over on my end, but that could just be my Bose. I love your guitar work and always have. It is kind of the sineRider style. While mine is with the piano, you wield the guitar like a heartwarming flower... or a field of sunflowers as I take nude photographs of her, lying in the field, smiling back at me.

LiquidOoze 10/10

Progressive, orgasmic, and clean. Love it. Reminds me a lot of deadmau5's style. Just wow. That automation is so well done. I can feel this song slowly building up into a series of styles... its feeling awesome right about now towards the one minute and a half mark. Here it comes... Ahhhh helllll yeaaaaahhhh nice transitions you got here. I am totally going to DJ this at my next show! I thoroughly enjoy the wide array of leads you use here. All of them are fantastic and very well mastered. Just what I want to look for in a house song! And it's long to. Great work here! That piano portion is really nifty.

Subliminalvids 8/10

I noticed right off the bat the beginning pads really needed some mastering, and then the rest of the song came in and I noticed some major clipping as well. To many frequencies are messing up the flow of this. Your beat patterns hurt the ears because they arent properly EQued. I strongly recommend looking into mastering and EQuing your tracks before finalizing them. There are many people here on the forums that can certainly help you with that. I understand it can be confusing, and I see you did work hard on this, you just got to improve with the mastering ad EQUing levels.

Lublub194 9/10 metal

Great guitar playing skills you got there! It certainly was very professionaly done and I loved the metal. The only reccomendation I would have would be to turn up the volume levels a bit, right now they are kind of low.

ObsidianSnow 10/10

Beautiful piano piece. so enriching. So well mastered. Perfect reverb. I love your work here. It says so much with so little time. My depression has been pretty deep lately and this just caused everything to flash before my eyes. In an instant, I recollected my thoughts and just kind of stared at my computer screen for a little bit. I would love to collaborate with you in my next album. I am making a very serious album and need the help of a talented pianist to do a duet with me. It would be a honor to have you as that 2nd player. Send me a PM and lets bring beauty into music.

StaticKatana 10/10

Dark, twisted, and unique. That piano drop with the vocal was... really fucking cool. I havent heard anything quite like that actually. Ive listened to like, 8000 songs easily, so you should feel quite proud about that haha. It truly is unique. I love the beat in this song. Its hard and dark. WEl mastered, great depth, and sexy. Delicious!

themallaser 10/10

The volume for this track needs to be turned way up, but then I realized I made a horrible mistake as the speakers blasted a guitar riff into my ears. Lol. I enjoyed that actually. Head banging classics presented here make me want to grow out my hair and whip it around. YEAAAHH. Youve got some awesome guitar skills here. Just make sure not to scare the living shit out of the audience with that sudden drop... only every now and then ;)

AirQuake 10/10

Wow. The mastering is fantastic. The style is fantastic. You know what fuck it, everything is just fantastic. That build up wasnt to heavy, it was JUST RIGHT. I can see myslef DJing this unique twist on hard style and wobble bass. I enjoy this mix a lot! Its unique elektro, house, dubste, whatever this is I love it. Nice job!

AetherX 10/10

Woh, you used a wobble as a.. as a... AS A BACKBEAT AND NOT A LEAD. WHO ARE YOU?!? Oh wow. This song is orgasmic! I want to blow up the room with this noise. Lordy lord son, youve got yourself a nice combination of house, dubstep, and hard style here. GOD THIS IS SO GOOD. I cant even explain to you how fucking fantastic this fucking piece of fucksauce is fucking me in the fuck hole FUCK YEA. This fills my ears with musical cum. Im melting to this smooth ass tempo.

Samulis 9/10

It was well mastered and to the point, but it felt bland at points. I felt like this song could have been advanced into something a bit heavier. The drums, for instance, werent as aheavy as I wanted them to be. They didn't shake the room like they should have. In order for a piece to truly be epic, youve got to have sounds of epic porportions and volume levels. Now, it is hard to do this because you are probably afraid of clipping, which I can understand. Sometimes youve got to jump outside your regular bouandaries, however, and learn techniques for further improvements. Next time, try adding a bit more of a KICK to it. Spicen it up a bit. Give it more depth. Other than that this song is fantastic!

Poopr1221 8/10

Good ole fashon glitch. Nice to hear some of that in here. There is lots of room to improve on this, however, such as your general lack of leads and back beats. Right now its almost as if you just have one layer and you are glitching the hell out of it and mixing it into a cool little beat pattern that randomly jumps from one thing into another. Its kind of cool, sure, but a little confusing and hard to follow. Next time, try adding an easy to follow pattern rather than being so chaotic.

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 07:26:20


*whew, thats all of em*

GlitchS2D 9/10

Hell yeah. Some hip hop. Its about damn time. that bass is KILLER and so are your lyrics. Man your fucking good with vocal work. You might need to turn down that bass by a notch, but other than that this song has got SKILLZ TO KILLZ. The overpowering bass is a little to much, however, and I feel the beat could be touched up a bit. Just because its hip hop doesnt mean you cant switch things up a bit and change the beat every once in a while. Right now its just a simple loop with the cool lyrics. Master up the beat, make it a little bit more unique, and your good to go.

Kogey 9/10

This is a definite win for the heartwarming upbeat album. I really enjoy the auphoria presented in this. The mood is upifting, the sounds blend well together, and it is short and sweet. I wonder what you can do with a longer song... you should totally challenge yourself!

Isomatic 8/10

This is a well thought out song with lots of strong points such as the melody and the lyrics. Sadly, however, there were simply far to many peaks in this to ignore. This song does need mastering and EQuing to the extreme. The beat had to many highs for me to count. I would STRONGLY recoomend going to the audio forums and asking for some EQuing advice! We would all be more than happy to help. Youve got some enourmous talent and shouldnt let a mastering problem effect your chances. Learn about EQuing and mastering and your set man! The melody is awesome and a can bob my head up and down to this.

Masq 10/10

All of these sounds and wobbles and effects moving around my ears right now in harmony is a nice feeling. This is hardstyle elektro FUCK YEA. It even has a twist of funk in there! Ohohoh man I can GROOVE and GET DOWN with this puppy. Your dubstep influences in here are sweet. Everything is layered well and mastered! Great job!Youve got some talent with Fruity Loops bro.

Smith Cum In My John 8/10

This track was simplistic and sweet, but I felt like there was room for the addition of many things such as a heavier bass, a stronger lead, a breakdown, a change in tempo, vocals, and many other things. THis song right now is more of the frame to a house... now you got to put on the bricks, patch everything up, put in some high quality windows, you dig? Fill this bitch up to the extreme!

KieranNG 9/10

I like this style! Its very organic, but I liked the repetetion an awful lot! I just personally didnt enjoy your use of instruments, but that is probably just me. I enjoyed pratically everything about this song. It was a very catchy experience for me.


This sounds more like a WIP than anything. Are you sure you submitted the correct submission? It sounds fantastic so far and I would LOVVVEEE to hear a final version! Right now, this one just kind of cuts off im afraid!

Alright guys. im going to bed. Its like, 6:30AM here and I have work in the morning. NIGHT.

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 07:29:33

Wow, nice job reviewing all those submissions!

As expected I didn't make it :P. I certainly should've tried harder, but unfortunately I lost inspiration halfway through.

Excellent work to those who did make it in. The only way this project can go now is up!

@FatKid, whenever you get that sample submitted, PM me and I'll try and arrange for it to be frontpaged (if the other mods agree to it of course).

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Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 08:17:57

Whhhaaa? You didn't put Lashmush in the winners thing. What's goin' on????

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 08:28:36

Umm, dude, you spelled my username wrong.
It's not abdubzero, it's adsubzero. xD
But you were sleepy and tired so I understand. :P

Also, this is only my username, so I'm guessing it wouldn't be a problem if my artist name (DJ Dela) is written?

Hmm, I would say AirQuake's and Friday Fox's are my favorites (no hard feelings, everyone did a great job, but in my opinion, these two stand out).

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 08:33:42

Funny how you didn't make it, but your submission got reviewed, Supersteph. Is it for a certain number of people who didn't get in, or...?

But by the way, congratulations to all who participated. I'm glad I tried. ^_^

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 08:40:39

At 11/12/11 07:24 AM, FatFaggotWitABowlCut wrote: LiquidOoze 10/10

Progressive, orgasmic, and clean. Love it. Reminds me a lot of deadmau5's style. Just wow. That automation is so well done. I can feel this song slowly building up into a series of styles... its feeling awesome right about now towards the one minute and a half mark. Here it comes... Ahhhh helllll yeaaaaahhhh nice transitions you got here. I am totally going to DJ this at my next show! I thoroughly enjoy the wide array of leads you use here. All of them are fantastic and very well mastered. Just what I want to look for in a house song! And it's long to. Great work here! That piano portion is really nifty.

Oh you little toady, you. :)

Seriously, a 10 out of 10? I was pretty happy with my song, but I didn't expect this at all! I'm glad I made it in, thanks a lot.
If you'd use this in your set I would honoured. Do you record your mixes?

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Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 08:43:13

At 11/12/11 08:33 AM, TroisNyxEtienne wrote: Funny how you didn't make it, but your submission got reviewed, Supersteph. Is it for a certain number of people who didn't get in, or...?

But by the way, congratulations to all who participated. I'm glad I tried. ^_^

No, scrap that; I just re-read FatKid's comment. But that means, if he decided to review every single finished submission, then I've been completely overlooked: my last submission to that thread was a finished work.

But it's alright. The winners were awesome still. ^_^

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 09:03:57

It's been an honor guys, seriously. :D
Thank you all for your constant support, and thank you FK for reviewing my track. ^^
Ah, I can't get on Skype for long though, as I still have connection problems... I guess we'll have to stick to PMs or emails.
I previously had the chance to listen to some of the entries, and were totally awesome.
So good fucking job everyone, and keep up the great work! Musicians, sound designers, mods, organizers... everyone.

I'm so happy about the t-shirt design *-* Makes me wanna wear that and shout "I FREAKING DESIGNED IT!!" Gratz to TROY also :D

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 09:09:22

Wait, are we going to vote for the shirt also?
If so, I vote for KK's design (FKWAJP you didn't put it in the first post as the option).

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 09:45:20

At 11/12/11 09:30 AM, SpaceWhale wrote: i keep coming back here to see if my name magically appeared on the list

And for the third time now, in case no one sees it, in that thread I explicitly stated my work was DONE, and I haven't received a review -meaning my work was overlooked. Can someone please honestly tell me what is going on?

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 09:54:31

At 11/12/11 09:45 AM, TroisNyxEtienne wrote: And for the third time now, in case no one sees it, in that thread I explicitly stated my work was DONE, and I haven't received a review -meaning my work was overlooked. Can someone please honestly tell me what is going on?

Have you already contacted FK for more clarifications?

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 09:57:22

At 11/12/11 09:54 AM, KKSlider60 wrote:
At 11/12/11 09:45 AM, TroisNyxEtienne wrote: And for the third time now, in case no one sees it, in that thread I explicitly stated my work was DONE, and I haven't received a review -meaning my work was overlooked. Can someone please honestly tell me what is going on?
Have you already contacted FK for more clarifications?

I'll let him see this forum post. Three times should be clear enough. All I'm asking for is a review, nothing else. Because there's a fair chance that at any stage my work would've been overlooked altogether, and it's disheartening, especially with all the trouble I took (particularly when my PC was under repair and I needed to rely on some other method to finish the song).

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 10:17:09

What was the contest about? User generated loops/tracks for CD?

I bet anything I would have submitted wouldnt have been good enough!!!!

A long long time ago, I can still remember when I used to be a massive tool.

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 10:19:48

At 11/12/11 10:17 AM, SirLoineStake wrote: What was the contest about? User generated loops/tracks for CD?

I bet anything I would have submitted wouldnt have been good enough!!!!

Never mind user-generated - it was explicitly stated that it had to be the best work we could produce within that time limit, and a lot of people rose to that occasion.

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 10:21:42

I understand. FatKid has some explaining to do, but for everything it could just be a simple misunderstanding. Only time will tell.

A long long time ago, I can still remember when I used to be a massive tool.

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 10:31:43

I didn't get on the CD. :(. Oh well when I submitted my song it sucked and now since submitting I got better. Well congratulations to all the winners.

Formerly Known As J-Rex

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Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 11:45:37

At 11/12/11 07:18 AM, FatKidWitAJetPak wrote: Twone 8 / 10
Its very chillaxing. Did you play that guitar by yourself? I love the guitar in this. the only thing I don't like is the tune. I listen to jazz a lot, but this specefic tune seems a bit to quirky for my tastes with an odd choice of instruments and pads. It's almost like 90s elevator music. Try working on the depth of field, increasing that bass, and work on getting rid of that quirkyness.

I did play the guitar myself. In fact, I played everything myself, nothing was programmed. I don't think I understand what you mean by "quirkiness" though. Regardless, thanks for the tips, and I'll work on it and submit it to the AP!

Congrats to all the winners!

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 12:04:05

Well, it was fun doing this. I had no idea my levels and eq were all fucked up thanks to this new way I decided to monitor it hehe. You guys are crazy awesome for reviewing everyone's work. That is just great. Anyways, everyone did amazing an amazing job. Congratulations to those who got on!

Listen to my (shitty) original music! (Only if you want to.)

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Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 12:08:38

Hey guys, just to clarify the winners were chosen mutually by all the judges, not just me, so understand the outcome of the contest was indeed fair. I left personal reviews for all finished submissions on the thread. Last night I forgot to copy and paste a few of them, so sorry about that, here they are.

Oozels 10/10

Oh. my. god. I want to see this in a fucking Chronos Trigger game during a festival scene. That is EXACTLY what this song reminds me of. Man this brings back memories of that wonderful PS1 RPG collection... this song is great! The instruments are all set very well with eachother. It is all quite a wonderful orchestration. Ahhhh I enjoy the mastering so much. Its refreshing to hear such a well done Orchestral song! The tune is happy and quirky, which matches well with those flutes and other instruments. 10 stars all the way. Im loving this band! This is one of the most profesionaly done orchestral tracks I've ever heard. How did you manage this? Write music till you die!

This wonderful little diddy of a song is well worth a spot for the classical album! My orchestra teacher would melt in his chair with a large smile listening to this song. EPIC *stands up clapping*

Thermallaser 9/10

What the hell is this noise im hearing starting up the song. Reminds me of AHHH HOLY SWEET JESUS GUITAR RIFF. That intro was nothing short of genius hahaha. I'm digging it. I can sit back to this song and rock my head up and down. This reminds me a lot of metal, without the lyrics. It's like a metal instrumental. You really carry on that guitar well. My only reccomendation would be to swtich up the song a bit with vocals and bass. Everything else is awesome! Keep it up my metal man!

TroisNyxEtienne 8/10

Absolutley beautiful lyrics. The vocalist is very heartwarming and nearly brings me to tears. I would actually love to meet her in person. I've never really heard such a beauitufl voice so down to earth in the world of Newgrounds. Its a rare oppurtunity to get the honor of actually reviewing such a wonderfully crafted voice. The piano is well structured and goes very well with its surroundings. I dont really like how the classic mood switched to a dance feel, however, and the background synth plucking is kind of monotonous. I strongly recommend sticking to a more traditional classic feel with this. The voce is incredible and fits far better with an orchestration, not anything electronic or upbeat. I would also suggest turning down the voice intake, Its not mastered bery well and disrupts the mood of the song. Keep up the great work and I hope to see more from you!

Rahmemhotep 8/10 Metal

I respect the hard work you clearly put into this. The vocals at first were kind of off, but then got better as the song progressed. I think the main problem with this song is the mastering. I understand it can be VERY annoying and difficult to master a song. Sometimes it takes years before an artist understands how to properly do it. I would strongly recommend taking your mastering questions to the aduio forums. You need a bit more depth in here with less clipping on those high hats. Youve got great style though. Keep up the hard work and next time get a professional to record your performance.


Oh yeah, and my review for Lashmushes was actually a 9/10, but he didnt make it into the tops after the mutual decision from the judges. I liked his song enough to give it a 9/10 on a personal level.

OH and yeah i forgot to upload KKSliders picture.

Does anyone see any other errors? I did, afterall, post thi after 8 hours of work at 6AM lol.

Ng Cd 2011 Project Results!

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 12:57:26

Itll be nice to see where this CD goes.

I'm on it btw (Masq alias)

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 13:04:36

Can we now know who were the other judges?

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 13:12:32

Thanks, FatKidWitAJetPak! I really appreciate it and I shall take your word challenge myself more to make something even better in the future. <3

life can be real fuckin crazy

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Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 13:32:18

At 11/12/11 01:25 PM, zelazon wrote: Welp, this is the last time I submit ANYTHING for newgrounds competitions.

Are you implying something?

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 13:54:20

FATKIDWITHAJETPAK. THANK. YOU. <3 I can finally put this to rest.

Response to Ng Cd 2011 Project Results! 2011-11-12 14:22:07

At 11/12/11 01:34 PM, zelazon wrote: Implying something would mean that I'm not explicitly stating anything... I'm explicitly stating that I'm not submitting anything to these competitions anymore.

I don't think you should be discouraged. I wasn't picked either (in fact I've never even come close to winning any Newgrounds competitions) but I'm perfectly OK with it and whenever possible I'll still take part in competitions in the future.

It's just an opportunity to push yourself into making great new music, improving and having a bit of fun in the process :3

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