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BRUCE: In the Dark

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Here's something pretty neat.
I made this track in approx 2 hours, so it's not my most detailed work. I was asked to make something ambient that'll be playing silently in the background, so I didn't want it to take over too much.

That said, I tried out a lot of new things, so I still think this track is rather cool. You see, 90% of the sounds here are from Stormdrum 3. It comes with a lot of interesting instruments and sounds, including the grandfather clock, a waterphone, some meditation bowls, gongs that are played under water (because why not), and much else. What I basically did, was just throw together a lot of those sounds. But I added one pad too, and some general light windiness in the very back of the piece.

Even though it's a bit different from my general ambient music, I hope you like it! :)

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Okay, I need Stormdrum 3, I've decided. I could meditate to this, although some of these sounds make me feel weirdly anxious! That grandfather clock, for example, gives me the shivers. This is really well done in my opinion. I'd love to see what this is played in! I'm sure the atmosphere is amazing.

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Aaaaaahhh! how did I miss this D: ?
Good thing I checked in on it now; wouldn't want to leave you without a reply :)

Yeah. I like the multitudinous intruments that Stormdrum 3 offers. They are very easy to use for most kinds of orchestral or atmospheric tracks. You can probably find a lot of uses for it in other genres as well! If I recall correctly, SD3 is like... 80GB o.O

This is indeed meant to be a tad creepy/unsettling, but I can see how you could meditade to it too (it uses some meditation bowls, after all XD).

I'm super happy to hear that you liked this. I will be waiting to see the finished project too, even if it might take a while. I still have a lot of pieces to write for it, too!

Thank you for the review :3

Bro this track covers atleast five diferent types of backgrounds :D In a way like... for a sec I felt like being in an empty temple, then in an empty room, then in the wilderness.

Is it just me or did you work with minimal resources? :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Yeah, it's a bit all over the place. I used mostly Stormdrum 3, a bit of Alchemy (Player), and just a wind effect from Reaktor 5 (free bundle version). The reason it sounds minimalistic is probably because I didn't put much time into this :p
Probably should've used some FL Slayer (not that I even have it, but still) XD

Dude I got chill on my spine. This is insanely cool. I'd always wondered what I could do with what Stormdrums 3 and omg...this is the creepiest inspiration. Those wooden repeated hits always get me and I feel like I'm about to get grabbed. Every gesture you place hits me with a shiver and I can't control myself. I love how some hits pan from center to right or left and that repeated gong to set the motion, the next wave of sounds to scare and capture me.
This feels like I'm in a room with someone. Someone I don't want to be with. (spookyy) Awesome work here!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot, dude!
Stormdrums 3 sure has a lot of very interesting and experimental stuff in there. I'll have a lot of fun with it, hehhe...
I find that the sounds sound very real, almost like you're indeed, there in a room. Cool thing is, that panning and all, I didn't really have to do anything! Stormdrum 3 comes pretty much pre-panned, so that everything fits together. It's pretty rad XD

Glad to hear that you liked it :)

You hit absulutely the right spot for me with this one! Again I´m surprised how fast you do your tracks! I feel like being in a clockwork of a big tower clock. I really want to see the movie now. I don´t have very much to complain here so prbably my review isn´t very constuctive but I really like the track, so take my five stars ;)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, man! I really like ambient/horror music. And I'll have to tell you... Usually, I'll spend like 20 hours on a big track. The reason this went so fast, is because I literally didn't mix a thing, and I was just quickly experimenting around with cool sounds from Stormdrum 3. Usually, I'm the slowest musician out there XD

Your review is helpful in showing its support. Much appreciated! :D

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE!!! Jay is a genius. He truly is. He is such a master writer and I know he will do well. This work is very well done and represents Bruce well. Im glad Jay found you, it's better for the film in the long run and your music is awesome, dude!

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Wow, thanks a lot! That's quite a lot of positive encouragement :D
Jay is very talented indeed. It's really fun to work on this project!
Glad to hear that you think this fits BRUCE :)

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Dec 2, 2015
9:14 PM EST
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