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This is the main ambient background loop for Chaz's wonderful game "Bubbleboy"

Play it on Newgrounds:

Yes, it would appear that I have composed a small soundtrack for a game that actually isn't my own. That's pretty cool, right?

Unfortunately, this means that you can't use this track in your projects (all rights reserved; no creative commons, legal stuff blah blah. I naturally wouldn't enforce this on remixes [which won't happen anyway]), even though I usually wouldn't have anything against it.
I even disabled the download option! But for those of you who definitely want to download this and the other tracks, you can do so for free on my desolate bandcamp!


That is, unless I somehow get more than 200 downloads, in which case it starts to cost automatically. I'll tackle that issue if it ever gets there ;)

Thanks a lot for listening, and for playing the game! It honestly is a great (and somewhat difficult) game, and I think most of you would enjoy it :3


This has a wonderful old feel to it with a hint of magical aura, I must try out the game, this songs great!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, Super!
I'm glad to hear you like the track :D

Oh, cool! You made music for a game! :O Unfortunately, my web browser is having trouble loading the game, but I knew that the music would be the best part anyway. ;) I love the moodiness of this one. Somehow you manage to combine the bright, almost cute toy piano sound with some dark, drone-like atmospheric content. It's a beautiful piece, yet also not too distracting. Perfect for a videogame! Well done, LSD! ^^

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I was super stoked to get to work with Chaz on the musical department of the game making. It's a real shame that you're having trouble loading the game! I think the game is very good in its own right (it actually had pretty decent music made by Chaz before I re-scored it). This is a bit brigther than many of my other ambient tracks, as it wouldn't fit the game as well otherwise. But I couldn't help but to include some darker aspects too, hehhe.

There's a piano in this track, but then there's also a music box, which may be the toy piano you're talking about. Though I get what you mean! I've actually played on a more professional version of a mini/toy-piano (worth around 500$) I think, and the sound is very similar :)

And I did indeed aim for this not to be too distractive (though I did want to include some melody, and I ended up liking it enough to do a variation of it in "Euneirophrenia").

Thanks a lot for another review! I am pretty busy this week, and next week, school is starting for me again (well, introduction days). Can you imagine? Me beginning to study again? How will I survive?

Point being, I currently don't know when I will reply to your PM (I need to write a blog this month too). But I'm sure I'll find the time at some point not too far in the future ;)

Whoa this is so sweet LSD! I'm so glad you got to write some tracks for that game. I think your music adds so much more depth to the game. Nice work on the looping too! I barely noticed it had repeated 3 times already before I found out xD
I loved the Euneirophrenia song as well :)
I hope to play some more games in the future with your music!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a million, Mattashi! I love reading your extremely positive reviews :D
I'm super glad to hear that you think the track fits the game :3
I think that Chaz made a pretty good decision, considering the genre of the game, and my love for ambient music XD

It's great to hear that you liked the short piano piece too! It could be mixed differently with a different instrument, but I ended up kinda liking the way it sounds.

There is a small click after the loop, but I figured it doesn't really matter.
Thank you for the review!!!

EDIT: Whoah! I didn't realize you beat the entire game, and got all the secrets too! Great job, seems you are a pretty good gamer :p

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