Ion Storm

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64-128 KBPS (4:53) Instrumental solos. Psy elements. Cheesy bassline!


grrr ><

God i finally found some songs by you... took me forever to find some songs by u..... i was typing in Soniceclipse over and over again... im like "theres a mistake or something" iw as getting pissed then i remember ur other name... extracy... i type that in and surely enough... there are six songs already! damn near all of are good... what am i talkin about.. their all good! glad to see that ur still makin music... freaked me out there for a second... look forward to more songs in the future! i loved the song "ode to ra" thats the best one u got out on this name right now i think... but hey u got alot more time to make more... and ill listen to em all... prolly more than once as well :) peace!


"a fan of many"

synteza responds:

Haha I have so many songs to put on here... just hard to decide what goes on when. Glad you found me through the NG maze! Thanks a lot


I'll say it again

I absolutely loved that first version of this song, and I like the new riffs you used in this version, however the reason guitar sounded a bit weird and out of place? I don't mind the reason drums, don't really sound amateur to me and I've been using Reason for quite a while now... Rucklo is a bastard though hehe. I like the new solos you added, very cool stuff, however like I said the guitar sounded a bit weird, also the delay on the piano while the sonic boom kidna sound thing was going on made it sound a bit off beat... however I'll have to listen to it again to be sure. Otherwise, I really love it, and I love that bassline beginning synth's progression, it always blows me away when I hear it. :)


synteza responds:

Haha you're just too used to the other version! This verison has been around for a long time, I just kinda decided to put it up now. I'm used to it now and the guitar sounds ok. Rucklo's a cool bastard, might I add!

Makes my day to hear those kind words!


There was a simple and...

...nice intro, the swirling vox-synth really gave a great mood to the song. The up-fade of the beat, until bassdrum comes in, was nice. The chords of that first synth are really good, but I´m not 100% sure bout that homemade bassline... :P Its smooth and all, but it kindof doesnt feel right. Perhaps it should have been darker? i dunno really. Difficult to create own instruments though, myself I do that all the time, and rareley get ant instruments i´m pleased with.
Anyhow, perhaps that what you should doing indeed, it´s fun and you get yout own sound :D
I strongly suggest you don´t use the reason soundfactory too much, that rabotnik cymbal really took my experience away, since I myself use reason, and have herad that one many times. Of course, not that many ppl actually who likes and listen to this song actually use reason, or make music at all, but still, it makes the song sound more amateur-ish, wich is totally unnessesary. There was some other noice I reckognized too... at least mess around with them, so they are more difficult to spot. Am i getting too puristic now? :D
Anyway, the song itself is, like i said, really good, it really deserves my 5. The buildup of the whole thing is just awsome.
Keep at it like this mate!


synteza responds:

I think I'm way too used to the current bass, it's like an accquired taste for simple things... so I'm not up to the challenge of making a new one!

I don't use the Factory Soundbank THAT much, but I made this song as one of my first and I thought the Rabotnik cymbal sounded really great in its role. Now that you bring it up to my attention, it does sound a little like I didn't have the incentive to search for a more original cymbal. I do mask a lot of pre-made instruments, but I didn't back when I made Ion Storm (I added EQ only now, but the song was made a while ago).

Haha you're definitely getting puristic and in this review I'm glad you are.

Thanks for the review,



Now.. hmmmm.. I swore this was on your last account.... Ohs well, you need to bring back all your GOOD songs anyway... your account is deleted and I am not able to DL your old songs :( I loved all your old songs and I wish I had the chance to get it... I was able to get Steroids (my fav song on Newgrounds)... I got two more also. 3vil and Powerful Message...

Great song.. glad you brought it back (if you did)... Admiral was able to remix the song. The name fits the song so well... ohs well, I guess thats enuff typing.

synteza responds:

This was on my last account, Mr. Holmes! You know, I can always send you my old songs. I'm keeping this account Reason 2.5+ and possibly my very good Cakewalk ones later on for nostalgia's sake.

I heard Admiral's remix, good stuff!


Nice man.

You know whats so great about this song? The Bass and the drum pattern. Those 2 alone should make this, atleast, a gold track.
oh yea, good space sound too for those transitions.


synteza responds:

Glad you like! The drum pattern was really a fluke, an educated guess. A lot of random placing of percussion instruments :)

The space sound wasn't as much of a fluke. I figured out how to make a crazy sound like that a while ago and finally found a place for it. You'll notice in a wav editor that if you slow it down it changes completely because of its insane harmonics.

Thanks for the review,


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Sep 9, 2005
7:18 PM EDT
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