Reviews for "Ion Storm"

Now THIS i like!

The begining is awsome! The bassline isnt too bad, although it probably coulda used a chorus or something like that, but it flowed with the song (if maybe just a little accented). And then there was a melody. It was very cool sounding, although some of the effects didn't quite fit, the didn't destroy the song either. This song i think was well done.

Once the guitar comes in, the song just takes off with solos!! and THAT is COOL! They REALLY add to the song! If you perhaps would have added them throughout the song instead of just one part, it might have kept the flow a little better, but the solos were very well done! If only there were more!

Good job and keep up the good work! Check out my music as well and review!

DJ Zeeber (NG name is Zeeber85)

synteza responds:

I like that bassline for one main reason: it's a home made square bass. It just sounds so much cooler knowing I made it. Besides that, it's very deep and resonates.

The effects are the theme, the Ion Storm, but they definitely don't dominate the song, the solos do. They're rather hard to make, so I suppose the only reason there are so little is because of how tedious their creation is.

Thanks for a well-written review!


P.S.: I think I over-reverbed the sax!