Reviews for "Ion Storm"


I like it it is pretty damn cool

synteza responds:

I like you you are pretty damn cool

you'll get 6/10 for this one yo,

i'm sorry but you can do better, this one is good but the effects were tooo long maybe you should insert some scratches and HARD kicks :)))

synteza responds:

Not that I wanna sound like a pussy that's angry because someone gave a semi-bad opinion of his song, but just a few pointers on how to express a negative opinion:

-don't say you're "sorry", because that implies guilt and weakens any following arguments, and lets face it, you're not really sorry about anything :P
-don't use words as vague as "better". it may make sense in your head, but remember: not very many people know your exact take on "better" in terms of music

PS: I'm not really into scratches and hard kicks, haha


When downloaded it said author *not you* then it was longer WTF?????

synteza responds:

the *not you* is probably from me messing around with the mp3 tag. as for the longerness, that could be the ng audio player being weird.



its pretty good but kind of wierd.

synteza responds:

gahhaha that's one of the funnier reviews i've gotten :D


i got to the one minute mark...

and had to give you a 5 for just the beginning. Pretty awesome song, definately a download from me.
keep up the sweet melodies,

synteza responds:

i enjoy that progression at the start too, it's pretty epic :) thanks yo,