Reviews for "Ion Storm"

It wasn't wow.

I have to admit I did enjoy it a bit.
But I couldn't really get into it.
It's definitely better than others I've heard though.

synteza responds:

VoodooGypsy???? gahahahahahaahahahahahah

Great song...

I like ur idea of adding that choir "ahhh" vocals...
very nice!

i like how it goes, it start of with a nice melody, then it starts to feel like dancing!

i luv it, hope to hear more from you!

synteza responds:

the ahh choir is my favorite thing about Reason (the software i use to make music)



Pretty good. Although it does take a while, the beginning doesn't really capture the audience right away.

But besides that, and if you give it a minute.....it sounds really good!

synteza responds:

:( i like the beginning the most

thanks... for... liking the rest of the song? lol



i can see it right before my eyes :O the perfect idea for a flash
As the ground was torn apiece and all was destroyed the enemy descended
apon earth, 1000 ships are landing.
there he is the one... running with his Grand Shining Blade
he slashes 3 times.. 3 ships destroyed..
and so on and so on

2 Bad im a lazy bastard =D

synteza responds:

hahaha, well at least you get to watch it in your mind.



Aw sucha grand song =]

It sounds great man
Great job

synteza responds:

You sound great man

k that's not funny the second time. thanks for the review!


P.S.: it's cause of my review response down there