Reviews for "Ion Storm"


You are the man. Your creativity in music is limitless. You continue to surprise me with your crazy music. It's incredible. I think I may be able to use this in my future movies. Awesome job.

btw, if you want a copy of the movie, go online and I'll send it to you. You didn't change your msn email right?

synteza responds:

Haha wow, you just drowned me in compliments. My email is still ghettopolak@hotmail.com and I'm on from time to time, so next time I see you I'll ask about the movie.



Nice man.

You know whats so great about this song? The Bass and the drum pattern. Those 2 alone should make this, atleast, a gold track.
oh yea, good space sound too for those transitions.


synteza responds:

Glad you like! The drum pattern was really a fluke, an educated guess. A lot of random placing of percussion instruments :)

The space sound wasn't as much of a fluke. I figured out how to make a crazy sound like that a while ago and finally found a place for it. You'll notice in a wav editor that if you slow it down it changes completely because of its insane harmonics.

Thanks for the review,



Now.. hmmmm.. I swore this was on your last account.... Ohs well, you need to bring back all your GOOD songs anyway... your account is deleted and I am not able to DL your old songs :( I loved all your old songs and I wish I had the chance to get it... I was able to get Steroids (my fav song on Newgrounds)... I got two more also. 3vil and Powerful Message...

Great song.. glad you brought it back (if you did)... Admiral was able to remix the song. The name fits the song so well... ohs well, I guess thats enuff typing.

synteza responds:

This was on my last account, Mr. Holmes! You know, I can always send you my old songs. I'm keeping this account Reason 2.5+ and possibly my very good Cakewalk ones later on for nostalgia's sake.

I heard Admiral's remix, good stuff!


i got to the one minute mark...

and had to give you a 5 for just the beginning. Pretty awesome song, definately a download from me.
keep up the sweet melodies,

synteza responds:

i enjoy that progression at the start too, it's pretty epic :) thanks yo,



When downloaded it said author *not you* then it was longer WTF?????

synteza responds:

the *not you* is probably from me messing around with the mp3 tag. as for the longerness, that could be the ng audio player being weird.