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This is relatively heavy, unlike most of my work, but I have a feeling NG will like it :P

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Amazing .

Very energetic. Like a vortex of some sort, swallowing up all our images of thoughts, presenting them before us as a world. A white world where pieces of reality float about, and every step you take will change every aspect of this world in a domino effect. I am sick and tired of seeing these amazing songs, especially WaterFlame's songs be used for a porn submission. It is irritating me to no end. I find it defacing, don't you? Anyways, very nice progressive, and soulful synths, just like your other songs .
- Daedal Nitency Ambage -

synteza responds:

This was used for a porn submission? As a man who doesn't believe in dignity/honor or whatever people call this poorly defined quality that people fight and kill each other and themselves over, I am not affected by the idea that someone somewhere is using my track in a type of submission that is widely perceived as atavistic and/or immoral. We're all gonna spend infinitely more time dead than alive, so let them do what they do and us do what we do to distract ourselves and maintain happiness. I produce digital encodings of sequences of sounds. These encodings are transformed into sound to reach the ears of those who love them. Regardless of the medium, if that path is completed, my mission is accomplished.

I do very much enjoy your description of the bright visualization of cause and effect that you saw when listening to this track. Synaesthesia in its various forms and intensities is, for lack of a better word, a blessing!


..I know it's rather pointless to review your stuff as I don't think you ever check it anymore - but I feel compelled to - this is brilliantly mastered - just WONDERFUL sounding on the ears - especially that percussion - just pushed back properly so it just sits comfortably in the background while still being able to be heard well - everythnig just EXISTS - I am not aware of anythnig out of place- that's partly reason and the fact that it's just so great at partially natural mastering - but also great skill on your part :)

now for the song - great combination of hard and peaceful ambiant- a very much trademark style with you :)

not sure if I like that clap though - sounded a tad.. odd.. also the bass being soloed lends to its simplicity a tad too much. When everything stopped I thought the song had ended hehehe..

hmm.. kick feels a bit awkward sounding when it comes back in - almost as if it's not stellar quality.. you don't notice once it connects back to everything though :)

great synths and leads - just everything meshs together so perfectly- so many people could learn from your example on this site :)

I am glad people seem to appreciate that and it is reflected in your scores :)

I hoep you never stop making music man :)


synteza responds:


Man, Reason is totally not the holy grail of mastering. It's actually an unusually quiet program and it takes some work to get everything up to 0db. The one thing it does have going for it is great natural noise. I've always found that, while loud, FL defaults to sounds that are very clean and FEEL synthetic.

I also hope I never stop making music. And I hope you continue to dabble in it even during your hiatus. Thanks for the review!

I liked it.

It's really good, I specifically liked the end where it turns into sort of a Trance peice.

synteza responds:


Not bad

It sounds like............... something i've heard before, but i dont know what that something is.

synteza responds:

Hot damn I feel like I know what you are talking about, but I don't know if I do!

Thanks for the review!

fo shizzle

this is awesome, I'm glad I came across it.

synteza responds:

Glad you did! Thanks!

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4.86 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2007
2:34 AM EDT
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