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Rose At Meridiem

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ROSE V - AT MERIDIEM [rendered @ 192 kbit].

I think for the most part the Rose songs were inspired by 16-32 bit RPG fight and boss tracks. I figured this time I'd upgrade the overall quality and arrangement so it would sounds a bit like modern RPG fight themes, like Playstation and Playstation 2 RPG's! It's not exactly classic Rose, it's more like modern Rose or something. XD

It's also the first one I went with a DNB style as well, after four of them having had mostly rock-esque percussion I figure it was time for a change. I think it's healthy to experiment every now and then, don't you think? I also cut the intro to make it loop better, but I'm not so sure about how it loops yet. It works for now, at least. ;p

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

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nice work

Forced to do a review by phone scrolling, so the two stars are for the auto-review phone scrolling. No offense to the Newgrounds team or Mr. Theory, as the song is a decent soundtrack and the website is overall very good, but I have been leaving stars that I don't mean to leave, and in my opinion there should be a "give stars" button that has to be pressed before you can leave a rating.
My rating is actually 3.5, but I'm admittedly bitter about it being forced on me.

Awesome :O
Sounds like the music where the good guy activates his power for the first time in a battle
Then beats the living crap out of the badguy

10/10 will listen again, cheers.

I could listen to this all day! :)