Reviews for "Rose At Meridiem"

Another of the Rose Seris eh?

Looks like i'll have one more of the Rose Seris to add to the upload list huh? Well it is pretty damned sweet. Again i'll try to make one large video with all five... i dout that Movie Maker will let me though. But another excellent addition to the Rose Seris.

NemesisTheory responds:

I guess you do, haha! Thanks, I'm happy to hear you liked it! <3

Feels intense

I love ed the sound that came in at 0:11, 0:23 is a bit less my style of music, but at 1:09 it gets very awesome. That sound, like a flute or something, no idea what it is, but its sounds very cool and clear throughout. comes back at 1:42 also. Amazing work here, :D


Just my style. Nice drum roll, and dynamic beat. Different than the other Roses in a good way!

Five Stars, and
10 rating!


My player's history says that I'm currently listening to this song for the 134th time. Thanks to you, I've written a magnificent essay. I didn't feel something missing or something odd in this song. It's just perfect in my opinion.

I *still* listen to this song. And I first heard it about a week after you put it up.
Just thought you should know. Great song, love it.