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Millenary Evil

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ok lots of things to say:

First of all this is my first game, it took my like forever to make it, i had to learn lots of things in the prosses and i always wanted to add something else. I had lots of problems with the sounds so there won't be any mute button or sound slider, maybe next time. I went through hell to make a pause function, i got almost everything on stage to pause actually but again had problems with the sound and some other things so there won't be any pause button either, i promise one in my next game though, hopefully there will be a next game. Also have problems with the fonts but they should work fine right now if they look times new romans like let me know.
Now lets get down to what the game does have: there's three playable characters (two unlockable ones), six medals and one mighty three-headed dragon to slay. It's a single boss, short, shooter game but hopefully you'll have fun in the ten or so minutes you spend playing it.

////////////////////////C ONTROLS//////////////////
Hold "A" to "shoot".
"S" to jump
Arrows to move.
Hold "down" to crouch while on ground and to shoot downwards while on air.
Hold "up" to "shoot" upwards.

Also the game is pretty big so you may want to play it in a popup window or press F11 in your browser i don't really know how this F11 thing works i read it in another game, i don't know if it's just a firefox thimg or what.

Main theme: "Rose at Meridiem" by Nemesis Theory
Menu theme: "String Spicatto II" by Tomppaah, somehow i'm not able to add it in the audio credits and i didn't find it either in your audio submissions so if you know how to fix it let me know.

So... all feedback is welcome, hope you enjoy the game, and hope everything works just fine.

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piece o' crap

Not very fun and there isnt really anything to do and the controls are sticky for me plus its hard so i give it a 2

Good ninja fun!

I enjoyed this, it was challenging enough to be fun and had a couple different fight stages. The animation was smooth and the game never slowed down. You could easily turn this into a multi-level platformer. I'd play that.

vegetable-insanity responds:

Thanks for the review man! I don't think i would be doing more levels, though your right, the game would be much better if it wasn't just one boss. I intend to do a new game, a beat 'em up, and it definitely will have different levels and enemies and boss fights.