Reviews for "Rose At Meridiem"

I love it, I really do!

But I liked the rock ones just a little bit better :s
I mean, I really like Rose at Twilight. It's still my favorite rose...
Even though this one was about 20 seconds longer, I still find Rose at Twilight better :s I guess that's just me x) Not that I'm trying to complain, because this song is just pure awesome, and it even loops better! And sorry for not giving constructive criticism... I'm not good at that. Besides, this doesn't need constructive criticism... It's just... Great! Not upgradeable if you understand x)
It's just that I hope that if you continue with the more rock or rockish related roses, because they really got into me, like really stabbed me. It's modern enough, but modern isn't always best, you know what I mean? This is probably all rubbish(My review, not the music!!!), but I have to ask you to pwetty pweeease go back to the rock roses? :( Pweeeeeeease??? 3: If you took your time to respond to my humple post I'd totally love you for it :3 So.... Definitely deserves a 5/5 + a ten. I downloaded, because this song will definitely stay in my head either if I do or don't, and I'd love to be able to listen to it at all times :3 So... Sorry for wasting your time if you're reading this post, and if you didn't I'm sorry you didn't read it, so thanks for 5 awesome roses :3 Keep it coming please ;]

NemesisTheory responds:

Don't worry, other roses will be more rocky. =]

And ofcourse, thanks for the rather long review!

Makes me feel like I can do it.

I'm sitting here reading about compound microscopes for an exam on Tuesday. This song makes me feel like I can get an A. I look for these types of songs on NG. Good work yo.


woohoo...... did ya get the subject..... instatendownfive


The Series of the Roses is quite something. If my project gets chosen to be worked on later in my Game Design Class I may have to ask for permission to use them for battles and what not. Though that is a ways off from now.

Anywho, keep up the great work on the Rose Series! We are all listening and enjoying!

Sends chills down the spine...

I hope there are many more roses yet to bloom in this series of pure listening heaven :)