Reviews for "Rose At Meridiem"

Awesome just plain awesome

The song was so full of suspence, it was just amazing and you even snuck some rock into it! You have magic audio powers or something because everything you make is so awesome it deserves the highest rating ever. 100/5

holy shit

espectacular! wow i envy your skills nemesis... like i say in my country


I like it.

It's a good addition to the Rose series.


I love the Rose series and this is a great addition to it. Its cool that you are willing to do something different with this one.

Not what I expected, but you kicked my ass. XD

It has alot of conflicting sounds in it, but when meshed together it really works XD

I still hear your signature sounds and its a really good change of pace. I like it. XD
Definitely a change of pace from the other songs, and I kind of felt that it was going to happen.

Great loop like all the other songs, I can basically play all the Rose songs together as one big symphony of excellence. You really out did yourself with the new sound.
I hope you continue to explore because you are really talented.