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Tell me what it is.

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Author Comments

We jus had to make a track on this beat called Edge of Faith by NemesisTheory. Holla at ya boy. Hope you enjoy.


Tell me what it is girl...
Could it be my swag.. ?
The way I walk.. ?
The way I talk.. ?
You gotta lemme know...
Cuz nowa days...
All these shawties tellin me that they in love...
and I don't even know anymore...
Is it me... ?
Or is it them......... ?
Get em grim....


i really wanna know what it is, these girls be diggin ma style
love aint the case wit these chicks, its gotta be lust gone wild
they always be callin me, tellin me they sob stories,
tears from the face pouring, the begging gets boring,

i dont love em, but its just how i feel,
the course is not love bound, i guess this feelins unreal
from the look of things this nuisance aint gonna stop
you gotta drop me from your life i dont wanna be on ya tops

i got dat straight brown long hair, and dem hazel eyes
them girls be wantin to ride, but theres no room in my life
you gotta know the meaning of love, actin like little kids
with ya little fibs, barely out of ya goddamn cribs

they say they love me so, but no they love me not
its just a sence that i got, ive been all around dis block
and these girls cant get enough of me, and its gotta stop
if u really love me girl, ima have to let dis rock

Chorus (Mack&MPZ)(see below)


Its like Im a Jock and shes a geeky school girl
Crushin on me like grims the only thing in her world
This fantasy has gotta end some time or another
i got chicks feindin for me, its them and they mothers

wanna grab me and hold me, i just wanna be homies
its like they wanna own me, i know their love is phony
their mommas dont condone me, i look alittle old be
my momma always Told me, dont let ladies control me


Tell me what it is... tell me why...
Why are all these girls in love with me (oooooh sooo in looooove)(soooo inn... looooooove...)
I don't know I don't know(I don't know) I don't
I don't know I don't know(I don't know) I don't knoooooooooooooooooow....

I don't even know why all these girls are into me...
Its like I was born into this world
with a job to bag all these shawties...
So I just goo with the flow..

I can't tell these ladies no...
So I just get them in my crib..
So they can tell me what it is....

And now I got em so they tell me what I need to know... (what I need knoooooooow)(So... in... looooove...)
If anybody ask then I'm like well..
All of these ladies wanna rock my world..
I keep on tellin all these girls....


It's ya boy Mackity Mack.. You know the deal I keep the swag
Top notch so it's easy for me when I go to bag
(why are all these girls in love with me....)
Life is shorter than you think..I'ma live it while I can..
I'ma live it all to the fullest.. do it all while I can..

All these ladies don't be holdin back.. tellin me they love me
tryna hug me like i love em the way they love me
but ima live it up to my reputation.. mack til i drop
cuz im the mack (uh huh..) and I ain't neva gonna stop(yaaaaeeyeeaaaah..)

Even tho I got enough of them my charm works wonders..
I be makin shawties put me to bed... with one another..
It's hard to walk the streets without ladies comin my way(sooo in... love..)
I jus play it how I see it.. bag em like everyday

Tell me what it is you thinkin be makin these ladies love me
(I don't know I don't know I don't.. I don't know I don't know I don't knoooooooooooow.....)
all my money or my walk or my talk cuz all of its lovely
maybe just the way i look altogether is just cute
tell me what it is.. cuz i dont even know the truth..

Chorus (Mack&MPZ)

Tell me what it is...
Tell me why.. (Tellll meeee whhhhyyy)
Why are all these girls in love with me... ? (ooooooooh.. Yaaaayeeeaaahh...)
I don't know I don't know I don't...
I don't know I don't know I don't...... Knooooooooooooow whhhhyyyy

Tell me what it is...
Tell me why.. (Tellll meeee whhhhyyy)
Why are all these girls sooooo in... looooove ? (ooooooooh.. Yaaaayeeeaaahh...)
I don't know I don't know I don't...
I don't know I don't know I don't...... Knooooooooooooow whhhhyyyy

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i like this song alot u whats up keep it up

Mackity responds:

thats whats up, appreciate it.

hmm. Still Alive?

I would like this a lot more if the Melody wasn't taken already... I think your beats are solid, and your raps are tight as hell... but in this day n' age you gotta come up with the most original shit as you can you know?

Anyway otherwise this is pretty solid


Mackity responds:

Well, Thanks for the review.. The only thing I would like to state... I rap on the beats I find here on newgrounds for the fact that music is my hobby.. hip hop bein my favorite since im from tha bronx, where it originated and RnB for the ladies since they love it.. and I love them.


yo i love your Chords

thats what hooks me every time

cant what for more keep it smooth

5's and 10's

Mackity responds:

Yo I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Damn, good shit.

This is probably one of the best tracks I've heard on NG that has lyrics to it, I love the diversity of the beat and the singing+spit is pretty damn good to be outside the pro circuit. Keep up the good work. The only complaint is that the lyrics don't really seem to fit the beat. I don't mean how it was compiled, that was perfect, I'd just expect something more soulful to a beat like that rather than a "I'm-so-fly" type thing. But sounds damn good. This is going straight to my fuckin' iPod.

Mackity responds:

Thanks yo, glad you enjoyed it.. we gotta come with irregular shit.. its just how me grim and MPZ do thangs..

Top Notch

Really well written and produced, if I had a recording contract I'd off you it! :P
I see good things for you, keep up the good work

Autotune FTW! ;)

Mackity responds:

xD Glad you enjoyed it.. autotune ftw indeed... I know my voice ain't that good annd i think autotune sounds cool so i use it. thanks for your time and everything.

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4.79 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2009
2:17 PM EDT
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5.1 MB
5 min 36 sec

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