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The Worst Fight Ever

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Hey everyone! This was originally going to be a part of a collab about my school with my friends, but the size grew too large, and I finally had to separate it and make it into a Flash all on its own. This was supposed to be a small project, but it grew into something a little bigger. I experimented with a lot of different things in this flash, including a new art style and shadows! It's short, I'm sorry, but nothing else worth telling really happened after where I stopped. Anyway, enjoy!
There is 1 easter egg, by the way!

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What a bunch of faggots, lol.


thats funny. i remember, i was in a fight, well i don't think anyone could consider it a fight, but this kid wanted to fight me and i was all for it. some kids gathered around, he threw a punch, i moved only like an inch or 2 out of the way, he falls, starts crying, and goes to the office to tell on me for beating him up. i got suspended for 3 days 'cause of nothing. funniest 3 days of my life. this little video completely reminds me of that fight. thanks for bringing back some of the greatest days of my life.

Aqlex responds:

Haha, that's pretty funny xD. I'm glad I was able to bring back some of your good memories, because that's why I like to make these animations: to make people laugh and enjoy themselves. Thanks for the review =)! I sometimes wonder whether I should stop animating so much "real life" stuff and write more of my material from my brain, but then comments like these remind me to keep a nice balance.

hahaha that was really funny

the best part was... "why are they hugging?" hahaah very nicely put together. The story was good and funny. Only the dumbest people start fights in school.

Aqlex responds:

Thank you =). This is still one of my favorite things I've animated, and it's one of my favorite stories to tell to people about my school. Thanks for the review!

There was a fight at my school

A few weeks ago at school me and my friends where talking the one of my friends ia like "the shits getting real." and i turn around and theres two girls fighting but it looks like there hugging and rubbing each others faces and the funny thing was that me and my firends where the only ones to notice it till the principal broke it up

Aqlex responds:

Oh yeah, I've had a couple of moments with my friends where we saw some kind of fight or something funny, and we're the only ones to actually SEE the event. Fake hugging fights might be more common than I thought? xD

funny shit.

I laughed for 15 mins straight. Which is sayin alot. I was sick today, and my sore throat gives me an excuse to get one more day off from school, thank God i watched this tonight. I was crying too, which gives me more time to watch stuff like this. good fucking job... *tear*

Aqlex responds:

Whoo, I'm really glad I made you laugh xD. This fight was a joke among my friends for months, but I really wanted to tell everyone else the story of this fight, so I decided to do it through animation =P. Thanks for watching it, and thanks for the review xD