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Reviews for "Tell me what it is."

Best Song on newgrounds EVER!!!!

I have heard a lot of great songs on New Grounds but this one takes the cake
It is kind of like the quality of music you hear on the radio and on TV.

Mackity responds:

Thanks alot yo, I appreciate it.


Great melody, great beat, great lyrics, great rapping, great singing. Everything's perfect. 10/10 and 5/5. Don't ever stop making awesome music!

Mackity responds:

You're great.

Nice flow

Hope you guys get a deal some day cause ur songs are not bad at all. I love how the versus flow with the rock beat. Sometimes the auto tune sounded off from the beat but overall you did a good job. *Onto my ipod this goes.*

Mackity responds:

Glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for stoppin by. :D


i love how you put a little bit of everything into the melody. as for the lyrics, you could've given it a little more variety and talked about something other than girls being in love with you... it would sound better if it were like, a breakup song or something idk. i really like it though keep up the good work!!

Mackity responds:

Thaaaanks. :P


Really good song it get stuck on my head and I can't stop listening to it

Mackity responds:

Haha, glad you like it yo.