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Reviews for "Tell me what it is."

Top Notch

Really well written and produced, if I had a recording contract I'd off you it! :P
I see good things for you, keep up the good work

Autotune FTW! ;)

Mackity responds:

xD Glad you enjoyed it.. autotune ftw indeed... I know my voice ain't that good annd i think autotune sounds cool so i use it. thanks for your time and everything.


Thats the heat man, y'know all these posers tryin to make songs. just a waste...
i ask...wheres the lyrics dawg? again thats the HEAT, Yo lots of RESPECT man!!!!!!!!

Mackity responds:

We all wrote our lyrics seperatly and didn't put em together.. If ya want.. hit me up in a PM and i'll respond with the lyrics when I get tha time yo, thanks alot and glad you enjoyed it.


FUDGING MENTAL, Beat is hot as hell and you flow is sick!

Mackity responds:

thanks alot yo, glad you enjoyed it.

dam that waz amzing

this track is kill bro keep on makin these wicked tracks

much respect

Mackity responds:

Glad you like it yo, thanks alot.


This song not only sounds great but it is also reak with its meaning.

Mackity responds:

Thanks alot yo, glad you enjoyed.