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Reviews for "Tell me what it is."


It truly is a beautiful song, but during the rap parts, that guitar kind of ruined the song. The lyrics are outstandingly wonderful. My only gripe is that guitar and it makes the song a bit unbearable to listen to. I say release another version of this song without the guitar and you'd have a very beautiful song.

Mackity responds:

I respect that, the beat was made by an artist here on NG though named edge of faith.. We never really confirmed with her or anything we just liked the beat and made a track with it.. I mean maybe if she agree'd to it then I'd definatly be down but revisions to the beat aren't up to me :(


I'm not sure what to say here. This song is definatly is not made for R&B. In fact your lyrics pretty much killed the original melody I thought so much of. Either this, or the fact that I'm not a big fan of R&B at all. The only reason I even found this song was by listening to the original melody. This song and he actual one conflict greatly.
Also, Grim's rapping made my ears start to bleed. No offence buddy.


You DID do a pretty good job of making your lyrics match the tone, which made it bearable to listen to all the way through... I'll give you that one. This is actually better than most of the R&B I hear tossed around today. I'd recommend it it was limited to this genre.

Mackity responds:

I appreciate that, If it means your saying.. this would be the song you'd listen to if you were a fan of the genre. Thanks for your time.


u even used this song 2~! u guys r insane... awesome... but insane haha

Mackity responds:

Hahaaa, glad you enjoyed it.

it was... okay

i feel stupid surrounded by all these 10's but i give it a 7. I really like the piano and the music part of it. The grim parts i didnt like its not the rapping but that guitar sound ruined it for me. Also you auto tuned the chorus right? lastly what program did you use for this (if you used one) I always try to appreciate hard work in making music so keep it up and your next song will be perfect.

Mackity responds:

Appreciate the honesty, Maybe next time I'll be able to say. "Glad you enjoyed it." Thanks for your time tho.


I logged into Newgrounds just to tell you that I love the song. Keep up the nice work.

Mackity responds:

Ha! Well I logged in just to tell you I'm glad you enjoyed it, Thank you for your time AND I'll keep it up jus for ya.