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Reviews for "Tell me what it is."


this is the best damn song on newgrounds!!!! =)

Mackity responds:

I'm glad you think so, Thanks for your time. =)


I love your music dude, i got from dowloading it on my mp3 from newgrounds is no worries, confused comunication, and now its all on you, but this is the BEST DUDE. Keep up the good work :oD

Mackity responds:

Thanks for your time and I'm real glad you enjoyed it. :oD

Wow o.o just wow

This shit should be played on the radio this is the best R&B song i have ever heard 10000000000/10000000000

Mackity responds:

lol, Thanks alot yo. I'm real glad you enjoyed it. :o

I neva knew you had it in you Mack.

Wow and props to mpz too. You on supastar status for this one mack. Keep going and grim-grim did his thing too.

Mackity responds:

Good lookin ma n***a.
BX up, you already know.


That must've been a hell lot of work. It was al worth it.. nice song!!!

Keep it up!

Mackity responds:

Thanks alot.