Valley of Death--_--

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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of death I will fear no evil, for I am the meanest son of a bitch in the valley." -Joel Rosenberg

A very evil and almost looming track, which quickly turns into something vicious and triumphant. It's a longer Drum 'n Bass track (I'm not used to writing them so long... Jesus, this took a lot out of me) but I hope you all enjoy it the same.

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One day

one day it will be in my animation and we will work together i guarantee
this song been on my Ipod for years and I know exactly how I'm going to animate the scene, people have use this song before for games and movies but not like the way i' m going to use it. yull see by then end of next year watch

keep in touch man


I had to make up a new word just to describe how awesome that was. It gave off that eerie feel, while still retaining a somewhat energetic feel. It actually sounds a lot like something that would come out of a new-gen Sonic game...and while those games are bad, their soundtracks definitely aren't.


Keep doin wat you do

VALLEY OF DEATH - indeed!!!

Very dark. I love it. There is still something you should try. Try with a bit darker and more aggressive drums combined with more different dark melody lines. But either way song is COOL!!! Good work.


..i have just fallen in love.
It maybe longer than normal Drum and Bass, but it's so worth it :)