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Reviews for "Valley of Death--_--"

Very good

On My favs. Great song for a dark puirsut.


The intro gives me chills up my spine @_@
A very good perception of "horror".

Good job dude. [Or dudette] ^_^

I LOVE this song. It's dark, mysterious, and just plain kick-ass!

PERVOK responds:

I forgot this song existed D: I really did enjoy writing this back then, and listening to it again is just a whole bunch of fun for me :3


This is like your 6th song on the top 30, keep it up man, it deserves it. Nice quote by the way lol

PERVOK responds:

I know, it's been a really good past few weeks for me :D

Darkstep sounding :D

Thanks for another great song ZENON you never fail. And this piece is right out there man.

PERVOK responds:

I try to impress :) Thanks for the review, dude!